Telus Releases iPhone 4 Notification Page


With the iPhone 4 set to launch sometime by the end of July, the anticipation for the device has been growing.

When Apple announced the iPhone 4, the Canadian Apple website offered users a “Notify Me” service where Apple sends out periodic emails on matters related to iPhone 4.

After Apple, Rogers/Fido started their own notification page to give customers insight into when the device will be available.

Now, Telus is the latest carrier to offer users a notification link. While none of the notification pages from the Canadian wireless carriers offer specific iPhone 4 details, they do send signals that the iPhone 4 launch is coming very soon.

Launch day rumors originally pointed to July 23, 2010 however recent reports send the launch day to be July 28 or July 30, making the launch day truly “by the end of July”.

And so, Canadians will continue to wait patiently for the iPhone 4. What do you think? July 23, 28 or 30?


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  • “Canadians will continue to wait patiently”

    Have you read the comments on this blog?

  • Ex

    Yes. And last I checked, the iPhone 4 isn't out yet. So, since we are civilized people, we will patiently wait.

  • Quite so.


  • All this anticipation waiting for just news about the iPhone 4… just spill it already BIG 3!

  • mackman6151

    i wonder if they're going to release it after the softwware update comes.

  • What I'm wondering is what Rogers/Telus are going to potentially do for the next two to three weeks with NO iPhones. Both 16GB and 32GB 3GS SKU's have been discontinued at Telus & Rogers. Can they really sell no iPhones for the majority of July? Can the launch possibly be closer than we think?

  • MikeWantsAnIphone

    I'm guessing that the big three are as impatient as we are to release it. Come on Apple…..

  • 11thIndian

    It's not unthinkable. I remember that before the launch of the iPhone 3G, no one had any for about 60 days before the announcement, and then it was another 2 weeks after before they were available.

    If someone is going to buy an iPhone, in MOST cases I'd say that they're not going to just pick something else if there isn't one there when they walk in the door.

  • Baddowman

    A friend of mine was told by a bell rep that it wasn't comming out until September. Hopefully they were wrong.

  • well, i look this site more time!

  • Im still calling it here, not that anyone believes me, but July 16th, this Friday, they will announce it. And like others have said, announcing two weeks ahead of time makes perfect sense. “End of July” has been correct all along. July 30th is my guess for release date as well.

  • Adrian

    i hate apple for making us wait so long….just give us a damn date already

  • Who would buy an iPhone 3GS in the next couple weeks anyway? Spend the extra hundy or two and get yourself the newest and coolest.

  • Shadow

    As of the software update has anything to offer… =)
    Other than showing you more reliably how crappy your signal is… =P

  • Shadow

    I said “Pardon?!?!?!?!”

  • safar

    steve jobs in wwdc said its sometime in july for canadians… its not september

  • roadcarver

    Candians will receive a FREE bumper case with each iPhone 4 purchase 🙂

  • Matt

    Well played, sir! lol

  • Smudged

    I'm as anxious as the next guy to get my hands on the iPhone 4 and yet Apple hasn't failed to live up to the delivery expectation they set at WWDC. They said they anticipate that the new phone will be available to Canadians in July and so far July is not over. I suppose this is somewhat better than Apple picking an exact date and then having to keep pushing it back because of their internal issues that they have to work out. If July comes and goes without an iPhone 4 available to Canadians, only then I think we can shake our fists with impotent rage.

  • Ex


  • You And Me

    hey bro i believe you , one of my friend works in rogers & he also said they will announce the price details on this Friday 🙂 so lets see

  • 11thIndian

    The real question is whether there will be pre-orders. There weren't for the 3G, and I don't think there were for the 3GS.

    From a strictly and blatantly selfish perspective, I'd like to see Fido do what Orange did in the UK, which was to put existing customers who are eligible for an upgrade first. But it will likely be a free-for-all…

  • Nando83pBaboon

    This Friday is going to be the announcement for the iphone 4 on Rogers or for apple itslef?

  • Baddowman

    That's what I told him. I said I would now before they do. 🙂

  • cassidy s

    Who ever knew we'd wait this long for a friggen phone… lol.
    Also, we're just as important as all the other countries that got it in June.. If not, more important.. I don't get it at all

  • Alcanada

    We may very well get one. The consumer report on YouTube says that a non-conductive material over the black stripe more or less fixes the reception issue.