Telus To Charge For Paper Billing In September 2010


Over the last year or so, the Canadian wireless carriers have been making the move to online or email billing in an attempt to reduce paper waste.

Fido was one of the first carriers to offer online billing and customers that wanted a paper bill could receive the option for a $2.00/month cost.

This was soon followed by Bell Mobility, where online billing is free and paper billing is $2.00/month.

So far, Rogers and Telus are the only wireless carriers left to not charge for paper billing. While Rogers will probably be starting to charge soon, Telus will be charging for paper billing effective September 21, 2010.

Effective September 21, 2010, Telus will be introducing a $2.00/month paper bill charge to reduce paper consumption and encourage clients to online billing. Clients who opt for online billing will receive detailed billing via email or from Telus online.

To avoid the charge, new Telus clients must choose “e.bill” at the time of activation. Existing clients must sign up to “e.bill” via self-serve before September 21, 2010 to avoid the monthly charge.

In summary, if customers want to avoid a $2.00/month fee with Fido, Telus, and Bell, signing up for online billing is the way to go.


  • While I encourage less-paper wastage, I feel bad for those who don't understand/have the internet and have to pay a pretty large fee because of it.

  • Sandy

    It annoys me that these companies say they do this to save paper when they all send out tons of junk mail.

  • slicecom

    This is about the only fee I'll agree with. Sure it sucks for elder people who don't have a computer or know how to use the internet, but for the rest of us, there's no excuse to get paper bills anymore. I went out of my way to make sure I don't receive ANY paper bills.

  • aleclerc

    I'm actually alright with this. The only irony I found was last winter when my paper bill came with coupons (for a free calendar and other stuff) that I don't think came with the online bills.

  • Joker Eh

    I am looking to the CRTC to stop this bogus charge.

    I don't need to have internet to get my bill from some company.

  • frayne182

    I bet there is a way around this charge if you do call them and say you don't have access to the internet. This seems like something you could easily get out of if you wanted to.

  • Joker Eh

    I am sorry internet is not an essential service.

  • Joker Eh

    Ditto, how is it every month I get junk mail from Bell (have not been a customer for many years) and Rogers (I am already a customer and have all your services) please stop sending junk.

    Its about charging for another service. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • I've always been a fan of e-billing… I'm always on top of me e-mail and managing my bills online. That said, it's always interesting that every Canadian carrier seems to be doing the exact same thing. There never seems to be any competition. Every carrier seems to charge the same amount of money for the exact same product. Look at the 6GB data plan – the big three are all offering it for $30, for the same period of time.

    C'mon guys, get a bit of originality. If Bell is charging $2/month for paper billing, then stand out and do it for $1.75. If Rogers is giving away 6GB of data for $30/month until Semptember, then offer it for $25/month, until October. Do something DIFFERENT!

  • Josh

    I agree. I think that for every piece of Rogers junk mail I get, I should save $2 on my Rogers bill.

  • Mathieu

    you do have access to print your perks coupon from the online PDF bill as well.

  • Mat

    What are you doing here…. this is the internet

  • Personally, I'd like to be able to charge Rogers every time I get a spam phone call from them trying to sell me some other service that I don't want.

    Oh .. and this is not a “green – save the planet move” it's purely a cost saving move.

  • Agree. I've been receiving Telus and Rogers mail spam (I do NOT want the
    Rocketstick!) for years now.

  • Joker Eh

    It is not essential for me to live my life pay my bills. Meaning you do not under any law have to have internet. What these companies are doing is saying yes you do have to it and charging you if you don't have it or don't want to use it to pay them.

  • Joker Eh

    Its not saving them anything, they still have to do it. It makes them money because it does cost $2 to print your bill and mail it. I have paid for a service where they print a letter and mail it out to clients and I have found UPS doing it for $0.65. So this makes them money.

    Greed. All Greed.

  • bR

    Exactly, they are saving THEIR paper cost, and while I maybe one of those paranoid ones out there who still prefer black & white hard copies, so I will have to print it out myself, so technically paper is still wasted, just that it is not the companies but the consumers doing at their own home. Well, still cheaper than $2 to do it myself.

  • Half_Pint

    Good point. It's like them saying they're now going to bill you via HD Satellite signal, or charge you extra. They're just offloading their costs to you. But for $2, it should come with a chocolate bar. Seriously, where do they come up with these numbers? CRTC!!!

  • Half_Pint

    The problem is many stores & restaurants are starting to refuse print-your-own coupons due to fraud.

  • Don

    Good luck with that one, If you have such a problem with E-Billing than don't own a cell phone. Thats the new way it is done now, so take it or leave it or pay the cost for paper billing if it means that much to you. SOme peoples bills reach up to 15 pages and the average persons bill is around 4-5 pages. I remember the girl iJustine got a bill from AT&T in the states that was over 300 pages, so E-Billing does make a difference. Suck it up and stop complaining, more an more people just need something to complain about on a daily basis, whats on the agenda tomorrow grumpies? Maybe why Apple removed the Camera+ App off of the Appstore last night because it let users take pics with the volume buttons. As a matter of fact I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned on here?

  • gtasscarlo

    I get that all the time, and get calls to get the rocket stick, even though I told them it's useless I tether with my iPhone then tried to sweeten the deal I'll send you the stick for free on a two year contract 30 bucks plus grrf for 500 mb, for the same cost I got 6 gb data, who really buys the stick

  • gtasscarlo

    Is this two dollars to get more 30 story skyscrappers two telus buildings across Canada at customer cost, there's already two side by side on mcowan rd and 401

  • realist

    make my bill two dollars cheaper then if thats what paper costs allegedly and i sign up for e-bill. I personally like paper records and keep them for reference and referral for most services.

  • draz

    If Rogers does this then just complain to retentions.. I'm sure they will throw that in just like they are throwing in detailed billing =P

  • Joker Eh

    Please. You still don’t get it.

    And if you don’t get why it was removed then you need to do more reading.

  • StillNotAniPhoneOwner

    I called *611 over a week ago, and the first thing they asked me was if I wanted a Rocket stick for free. Uhhhh no… I don’t even know anyone who has one even though Rogers seems to be pushing the damn thing all the time.

  • IpSo

    Can’t you get out of your 3yr contract if they try to change it and charge you for paper statements when they didn’t before?

  • Stephen

    How do you get the perks from Telus if they do not send you the bill which includes the perks?

  • WHOA! SHIT! IT’S CO COMPLICATED! How do I use computar? Seriously get with the times and stop complaining. It’s not that hard to go to or or and log in to see your bill. It helps people edit their services online and provides them with an internet hard copy of their bill which does save paper and trees but also helps them learn how to change things like the myfive or internet packages without having to visit a store or make a call to customer service. If you don’t like the charge then don’t get a cellphone.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously. +1

    Our wireless carriers just don’t seem to understand how to beat their competition.

  • Anonymous

    Cost saving? More like money-making.

  • Anonymous

    *sigh* Another person that does not understand. Must be an employee for one of the companies.

  • Anonymous

    I think it would be a valid case…

  • Anonymous

    Companies don’t seem to understand that they should be making your bill CHEAPER rather than making it more expensive. Not mailing you your paper copy should be a SAVINGS for them not ANOTHER MONEY MAKING opportunity, therefore, the savings should be passed on to you, rather than the cost being passed on to you. What ever happened to treating your customers fairly?

  • Joker Eh

    I have thought about that myself. It is a very good question I am sure they have their lawyers working on a way to say no you can’t

  • taco

    stupid bastards, pretty soon they will charge us for breathing…

  • LOL

  • This is Not a dream

    Look the paper billing isn’t such a big deal. You can have it sms or emailed to you. If you need it for your records then you can see the last 18 ones online and can always print it. Telus has always been active in the careing for the world. Look at all the other stuff that they do. I do not know about any of you but who hasn’t set it up on their cc yet? Its not like you actaully have to do anything but pay that bill and your Paper copy of that bill tells you the amount. I think everyone needs to calm down its not breaking any kind of a contract and its not as if they are not giving you lots and lots of warning.

  • Rman68

    Just got my new Telus bill Effective Sept 21 Telus will charge $2.00 month for a consumer to get their bill. No problem with Telus new found charge to force their customers in contracts to use e-pay. Telus can make up any new charges they so choose. (as they were going broke sending me paper bills and sending me those garbage perks coupons on the last pages)

    My concern here is now that Telus has added their new charge is my contract now open for renegotiation. I wanted to cancel my contract they will not let me without a $280 charge. I have no choice as a consumer.

    Unlike other types of transactions I can shop or bank elsewhere if they change the charges at little or no charge. I am locked in with Telus and have no choice.

    Where will Telus charges end?

    Current customers under contract should have some protection. If I renew or sign a new contract no problem I have been disclosed the fee.

    File your complaints about Telus here:

  • Reddragoon

    how about taking $2 per month off my bill if I go with ebilling? it saves them $$

  • GFYS telus

    same patehtic service they offer but now its gonan cost more… for all of those under contract did you sign for paying for a paper bill?
    does this not void there contract?

    im no longer under contract and i think im no longer gonna have a phone with telus… hell i went to go get a new phone since my current one is almost dead, i get to tehre dealer and what do you know… ” we dont have any phones in stock… i can put you on the list ” ya the list… 30 people deep… such BS my phone turns off if it dont keep it vertical… and all you can offer me is a list…. telus has been a joke since they came into our country and bough out bctel… remember its tel – us as in usa… ya great company…

    they charge us about 200% more than they are down in the USA… hell i have heard its cheaper to get a USA phone and phne number and pay for roaming than it is for a telus phone…


  • GFYS telus

    oh and for all you tree huggers… the paper telus uses doesnt come from whole tree’s…

    you see i live in a pulp mill town… and right beside that pulp mill is a saw mill and there are other saw mills in my area… pulp is collected from various saw mills… the pulp is the left over saw dust… its very rare these days for pulp mills to use whole trees as its not cost effective…

    telus is using this as a cash grab… just like when they added the 911 service fee… or the system access fee…

    whats next?

    oh and even though i have the internet my mother doesnt, other family members dont have it… and i have a number of friends who also dont have it… i do not agree with this new TAX

  • Derekjay


  • coo

    This is an old thread But I want to add something new.. I found out today that telus will be charging for paper billing on their landline as well now