TELUS to Launch 2 Year Unlimited Nationwide Talk/Text Plans on July 30 [Update]


TELUS has announced it plans to offer two year wireless plans on July 30th, which will feature unlimited nationwide talk and text and the ability to share data with multiple lines on the same account. The structure of these two year plans have two steps. First, users pick a device, then pick a data plan, as shown in the chart below:

Screen Shot 2013 07 15 at 8 35 12 AM


  • The Smartphone category includes high-end devices such as the iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Q10, while Smartphone Lite includes lower-tier smartphones such as the iPhone 4 and Samsung GALAXY Ace II X.
  • Bring your own device or “BYOD” refers to devices purchased at the month-to-month price or any unlocked device compatible with the TELUS network

Joe Natale, TELUS Chief Commerical Officer had this to say:

“In another significant step forward on our long-standing journey to put customers first in everything we do, we are introducing our next innovation in how we offer our wireless services,”

“Just as we did with our Clear and Simple plans in 2009, we have listened to our customers and provided them with a choice that offers the best of talk, data and text for Canadians and their families.

TELUS gives a few examples of how this might work:

  • A single person gets a new iPhone 5 and a new Samsung tablet from TELUS, both on two year terms at discounted prices, along with a shared 1 GB data plan – $105 a month.
  • A family of four gets a new iPhone 5, a new BlackBerry Q10 (both on the Smartphone plan), and two new Samsung Galaxy Ace II X’s (both on the Smartphone Lite plan), all on two-year terms at discounted prices. They already have a tablet, and add that to the data plan. They are fairly heavy data users, so decide to share 3 GB’s a month – $270 a month for the entire family.
  • An individual already has their own smartphone they want to keep using so opt for the BYOD plan. While they talk and text a lot they don’t use much data, just a bit of social media and a few apps. They go with the 250 MB plan – $50 a month total.

TELUS today also introduced two year plans for Small Business, with some to include built-in U.S. data roaming for small business customers with 15 wireless devices or less per account.

The plan to change to two year term pricing started when Bell announced their own pricing last week, set to begin in on July 17th. Expect Rogers to follow suit. We’re following up with some more details from TELUS (ie iPhone pricing on two years), so stay tuned. These moves are in line with the new Wireless Draft code, which allows customers to cancel contracts after two years. Shortly after these changes were announced, incumbents warned pricing could increase for customers.

Update: We asked TELUS why customers should choose these new plans over the two year plans offered by Bell. Their response:

Overall, we are dramatically changing how we offer wireless, just as we did in 2009 when we launched our Clear and Simple plans. We have listened to our customers, and based on what they told us have created completely re-worked plans that offer the best of talk, data, and text for Canadians and their families. The key point with these plans is really offering customers with more value and peace of mind on their monthly bills –  Unlimited nationwide talk and text starting as low as $35 a month (if you bring your own device or purchase it outright) and the ability to pick the data bucket that best suits your individual/family needs or if you have multiple devices or subscribers on the same account, you can share data across the devices or subscribers and see a price decrease in what the individual would pay per month. The new SharePlus plans are a complete re-think of how we offer wireless to our customers and we’ve developed these plans with them in mind, really looking at offering more value.

We asked about two year device pricing but no details were provided at this time. They did say the following though:

…what we can say at this point is that we took into account that customers do prefer the low upfront cost of a device, so with that in mind device pricing will only change moderately.

…more to follow, refresh for updates


  • Brad Kozak

    Well, there ya have it… For those who can’t afford their own unlocked phone, better get one before July 30th b/c after that you’ll pay more for the device, and pay more monthly.

  • An unlocked iPhone costs more up front, but people will save in the long term. But of course, seeing a subsidized price of $179 on 3 years is just too juicy to resist for some…

  • Sam

    From the Telus Facebook page:
    “On a 16GB iPhone 5 for example, TELUS provides a $520 subsidy.
    Over two years, that’s $21.66/month. Over three years it was
    $14.44/month. A difference of $7.22 yet the plan is increasing by $55 a
    month. …and that’s assuming you don’t increase the up-front cost of
    the phones, which I sincerely doubt.”

  • Lukas Fikr

    That’s stupid – for now I have my own iPhone 5 with unlimited plan ($100 with 6 GB data) and iPad 4 with $35 for 5 GB (in total I have 11 GB data + unlimited Canada wide calling and texting).
    New offer is $35 (BYOD = iPhone 5) + $10 (for iPad 4) + $150 (10 GB data) …
    Which means $195 for less … somebody in Telus is a bit retarded …

  • Chrome262

    the base 35 bucks is kind of crapy, it should be 15 if you bring you own phone, then you could load up on the data, and share it with other members. I pay 35 a month for 6 gigs of data, plus 20 for 300 shared with my wife, and unlimited text. oh and free weekend and evenings at 6pm. Fido

  • Anthony

    That’s what happen when some many “smart” people complained and CRTC changed the ball game.

    I am actually liking this though. No more 12 years old kids running around with $800 phones.

  • steve81

    Subsidy makes sense on a 3-year contract, unless you can save more than ~$14 per month on your monthly plan (for two year that would be ~$20). You have to consider the Total Cost of Ownership.

  • steve81

    The new Wireless Code from the CRTC says (will apply to new contracts and renewals starting December 2, 2013) :

    “3. Cap on data overage charges

    i. A service provider must suspend data overage charges once they reach $50 within a single monthly billing cycle, unless the customer expressly consents to pay additional charges.

    ii. A service provider must provide this cap at no charge.”

    Why would I pay more than $50 per month for data? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens once you reach $50 in overage charges… the Code doesn’t say.