TELUS to Launch T-UP! iPhone 5s Upgrade Promise Promo on Sept. 20


MobileSyrup reports TELUS is set to launch a new trade-in program called the T-UP! AppleCare+ & iPhone 5s Upgrade Promise promotion, for all iPhone 5s purchase made between September 20 to October 20. The memo reads:

T-UP! The TELUS Upgrade Promise offers eligible customers the ability to trade-up their iPhone 5s after 12 months with the purchase of the new iPhone and AppleCare. Their device balance will be forgiven, allowing them to get acquisition pricing on any new device.

In a nutshell, if you buy any model iPhone 5s on a 2 year term from TELUS this Friday along with AppleCare+ ($79), you can come back a year later and upgrade to a newer smartphone for the subsidized price (on a new 2 year term), with the existing device balance forgiven. Your trade-in iPhone 5s must be in good working condition.

It sounds like a very interesting program which will allow customers to upgrade annually on contract, but it does require the additional purchase of AppleCare+ for $79. You will be able to jump on this from any TELUS store or dealer.

We’ll find out more details when it launches tomorrow, but as of now it’s only applicable to the iPhone 5s. Would you jump on this?


  • Kellie

    I hope Rogers will come out and match it… I’d definitely jump on it then.

  • Potzie2

    Can I buy it through Best Buy with the plan on Telus or do I have to buy it from a Telus store? I know that Best Buy doesn’t sell AppleCare+ so I would think I can’t but looking to develop my strategy for tomorrow.

  • Accounting Guy

    This is actually a pretty crap deal. Say you get the 5S 32GB on a new 2-yr plan with AppleCare+, intending on upgrading to iPhone 6 in one year.

    AppleCare+ now = $79
    5S Device balance = $0 (forgiven)
    iPhone 6 (2-yr plan, assume same cost as 5S) = $329
    Total = $408 (locked in for 2 years)

    Now, without AppleCare+
    5S Device balance (after 1 year) = ($819 – $330) subsidy x 12/24 months = $245
    iPhone 6 (2-yr plan, assume same cost as 5S) = $329
    SELL 5S on Craigslist = -$350 (approximate value)
    Total: $224 (and only locked in for 1 more year)

  • Steve

    With the second scenario, you’re better off paying for AppleCare+ and then swapping it out before trading. You will have a better chance at selling a brand new 5S.

  • laurent

    Why are you not lock on a 2 years contract with your iphone 6?

  • canadan

    Come on Rogers, are you gonna play copy cat and match this one? This actually sounds interesting since I always get AppleCare anyway. Give us an incentive since your plans are for the birds

  • John

    For the people that buy AppleCare+ anyway for..
    1) Insurance reasons
    2) Replacement warranty of a new device to sell before the next iPhone
    …This is actually an incredible deal.

    Being locked in for 2 years is not a big deal when you have a phone worth 500$+
    you could sell, then buy out of your contract and still have money left over for a new subsidized phone on a new provider.

    The only reason being locked in now adays is worse is because of the lower BYOD pricing you get bringing an unlocked device to a TELUS plan

  • KL

    You can make way more than 350 on a 1 yr old 32gb. I just sold mine for 550.

  • Hidden

    this is actually a decent offer, most people buy AppleCare plus anyway. Let’s assume you take the iPhone 5s 16gb with Apple care + after 1 year you have a $250 balance plus the cost of the new phone $230 and apple care + $79 making it $250 (balance) + $230 (iPhone 6) + $79 (apple care +) = $560. You can probably resell it yourself for $300-$400 so you’d have to pay $160 – $260 out of pocket. They are coming close to the resell value (assuming you get the $400 high) by $70. Some people will actually give up the potential cash to save themselves the trouble of finding a buyer. Remember it’s not their most mind blowing product so who knows what it’ll be worth in a year. There’s no carrier who offers this deal it’s pretty good when you think that they didn’t have to do deals like that to begin with.

  • GJ

    If Rogers matches this, i would.

  • Comrade Yeti

    Buy the phone from BB, get AC+ from TELUS within 30 days

  • Potzie2

    Went to do it yesterday and they are telling me it can’t be done since I didn’t buy the phone froma Telus store. Not what the rep told me when I called in but I’ve got 30 days to sort it out.

  • Tim

    Anyone have the fine print for this? I would assume “Trade Up” means you have to surrender your current phone with them.

  • didnt buy applecare

    I didn’t buy AppleCare before and I still got an SMS saying I’m enrolled. Are you sure the terms say I must have bought AppleCare THIS year, as opposed to me only having to buy it NEXT year in order to quality for the upgrade?

  • Jill G

    Not worth at all guys, I just noticed Telus charging me 9$/month to have this “privilege”. So not only do you purchase the phone and apple care, but you pay out of pocket 9$/month…nice way to rob your customers