TELUS Unlocking Fee Drops to $35 for the iPhone and Other Devices


Earlier today TELUS dropped the gauntlet by eliminating the $35 activation and $25 renewal fees (but charging $10 for SIM cards for new customers) forever. Now, the company has also reduced the price of unlocking for the iPhone and other devices to $35 (via MobileSyrup) compared to when it first launched in June for $50.

As you can see the change below is on the TELUS website; the listed price for their Device Unlock is now $35:

Here’s the process on how to unlock your iPhone with TELUS if you haven’t seen it already.

This is great news for customers as this move by TELUS will quickly be matched by Rogers (Bell does not unlock iPhones yet). To clarify, as we stated in our article profiling the TELUS iPhone unlock all it requires is a device to be activated for 90 days on a monthly term, while Rogers will only unlock after your subsidy is paid off (and account in good standing).

Who’s excited for this?


  • jabohn

    To clarify the article, Telus requires 90 days of a post-paid account before it will unlock, Rogers requires the entire contract to be complete, and Bell offers no unlocking service at all, so Rogers and Bell have a long ways to go to catch up with Telus.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    bell doesnt unlock at all

    for rogers/fido device must be off contract

  • crosseyed_mofo


    beat me to it

  • If they keep this up, I know who I’ll be switching to when I upgrade to the iPhone 5S (or whatever the next iPhone is called).

  • Brian

    It’s nice to see one of the big three ceasing their collusion. An actual free market will lower costs substantially if this keeps up. Once (if?) the smaller carriers expand and become more viable, it will add more pressure to offer competitive pricing. It will take years to reach the levels of competition in the US ($40 unlimited contracts with hardware upgrades every 2 years) but this is a nice step forward.

  • KJ

    Well why couldn’t a person pay out there contract with Rogers. My understanding is a person only needs to pay there phone off to get out of their contract with Rogers now rather then how they used to charge a person 25$ a month for how ever many months are left. Anyone know anymore about this. Rogers explained to me that is why everyone pays an early upgrade fee now

  • So to clarify, does the phone that is being unlocked need to be active for 90 days? Or is it the account has to have been activated for 90 days. For example, I just renewed my contract with Telus to get the iPhone 5, do I have to wait 3 months so that the phone’s been active for 90 days, or can I just call up Telus right away and unlock it for $35?

  • cUn1t

    I’m fairly certain Bell will unlock phones, just not iPhones. Virgin unlocks phones so I don’t see why Bell wouldn’t.

  • Aslam Nathoo

    I can confirm that you still have to pay the $25 per month. I just went through this with Rogers for my old iPhone 4. Rogers is really falling behind on this front and I’m sad to see it. I like Rogers and their service has been great for me. I’ve been with them for 17 years and have no intention of leaving them but this is one area where Rogers really needs to get with the times. I already have an unlocked 4S (bought directly from Apple) that I’ve been using for almost a year now but I wanted to get my old iPhone 4 unlocked so I could set my girlfriend up on Fido. Rogers would not do it unless I paid the $25 per month fee. Even though I was bringing a new customer to their own subsidiary. I was forced to pay it out plus $50 as an unlock fee just for them to add my IMEI number to Apple’s unlocked devices database. A really stupid way to handle a 17-year customer and pissed me off significantly.

    Telus seems to really be on the ball on this front. They have a very reasonable policy when it comes to the unlock (90-days on contract) and the fee is a much more reasonable one ($35). I have 4 different people who are getting their 1st iPhones and have asked me who they should go with. I can’t in good faith tell them to go with Rogers at this time which is sad because I like the company.

    @Rogers: if you folks are reading, sit up and pay attention. You’re causing more anger than is financially worth it and losing potential customers. Get with the program and stop allowing Telus to show you up like this.

  • KJ

    I found this within this forum its back when rogers policy changed an the 4s was all the rage….lol so long ago..sounds how Rogers explained it to me…what’s everyone think

    “purchase an iPhone 4S 16GB for $209-$50 Mail-In Rebate+$35 Administration Fee. His Economic Inducement is $440. If cancels in 3 months, the following calculation will apply.

    Economic Inducement $440 x [33 months left in term (3 months later) / 36 months (initial term)] = $403.33 + one-time service deactivation fee is $12.50 = $415.83

    YOUR CANCELLATION FEE AFTER 3 MONTHS: $415.83 + applicable Tax.

  • K3

    Then they figure in the cost of the phone and add on another huge fee?

  • Great to see Telus breaking from the herd. But what’s the catch?

  • Great article. Wonderful experience! I have already upgraded to the iPhone 5 on Telus. I called to see if they would unlock my older iPhone 4S even though it was no longer active on their network. They did! All I had to do was give them my IMEI, plug it into iTunes, restore and voila – now my iPhone 4S is unlocked. Nice one, TELUS! Great customer service.

  • Unlock iPhone

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  • SiM

    This is all very confusing. So let’s say I get a new 3 year contract with telus and get an Iphone5. can I unlock it right away? Or do I need to wait 90days before they can unclock it?

  • Lina

    I had an iPhone 5 lock with telus and no SIM card .i asked around the fee for unlock is 135 dollar and is it right price? Plz help

  • No way

    What a crock, Telus simply joined the other thieves and jacked up their unlocking rates.

  • help me!

    what website do you use to unlock your telus iphone?