TELUS Launches New ‘Your Choice’ Canada-US Plan; Revamps Website


TELUS has announced this morning a new Canada-US option for smartphone customers, which allows the use of your plan while you’re down in the U.S.

This new Canada-US Your Choice plan says users can “enjoy your data, unlimited calling and texting to the U.S. and while in the U.S. Required for the duration of your term.”

This plan adds $10 more per month, on top of the unlimited nationwide calling option. It is available to new and existing customers, including those bringing their own devices to TELUS (although the website hasn’t reflected that yet).

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TELUS explained in an email, “This new plan is a great option for customers who frequently travel to the US, Canadians who are studying in the US and frequently talk/text with friends and family in Canada.”

Essentially, if you have frequent business or personal communication in the U.S., this option will cost an extra $10 per month, so you can talk, text and use data from your existing plan.

On a side note—the TELUS website looks to have also been revamped, so if you were just getting used to the old design, it’s time to re-learn all over again.


  • IAN

    QUICK QUESTION, if I spend 5 months in the US during the winter, how does this plan work. EX: Can I use the plan for 7 months in Quebec, and than go south for the 5 winter months and use my phone like I was back home?

  • Yes

  • Jack

    $120? my o my…

  • Anonymous

    That’s interesting… let’s see if Rogers will follow.

  • Rich Baker

    Would be nice to see some unlimited data plans such as those in the US!

  • johnnygoodface

    Yeah! Just when I’ve decided not to carry my personal iPhone thru the US customs on my next business trip, only my work phone!

  • Guest

    I just called Telus about this and it isn’t a $10/month add-on that can be used with any plan. It’s a whole new plan, and the difference in cost for me from my current unlimited nationwide calling plan is actually $25/month.

  • Jamie

    This was worth it for me to change to. I was paying the $65 per month but to change to $75 and have my phone usable in the US is worth it. I spend at least 20 days per year in the US, sometimes more, so it is cheaper to do this than pay $7 per day when I am there or even $5 with Roam. And I have the government discount so $10 more per month is actually only $7 more per month. Thanks for the tip on this! My bill is now $77 per month with 4 gb of data all usable in Canada and the USA.

  • Bill___A

    Same for me, the BYOD plan that I’m on for $35 is now $50, so it is a $10 add on to the current plan.

  • Bill___A

    Right now, the mobile network is nice and fast, and I can do what I need to do on it. I am imagining that if we got unlimited data, many people would be watching movies on it non stop. Is this going to help in the long term? Probably not. I think they need some sort of compression program for video first and make the data more reasonably priced.

  • Bill___A

    I hope they decide to be competitive. Right now, Telus offers Easy Roam in countries than Rogers does (Like Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia) and although they were more expensive to roam in the USA, now they are not…

  • Rich Baker

    I’m with Telus and I pay $94.50 a month for 10 GB which I use with unlimited nationwide calling and text. If I go over it’s $50 per GB. US plans are now offering 2 phone lines for that amount to share unlimited data. Our rates are brutal in Canada for a laughable amount of data. I travel to areas where I don’t have access to WiFi and there are many people in that same predicament so there should at least be a reasonable option for us. I travel to the US often and have used Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile networks and they are just as fast or faster than networks here even in less populated areas. We are getting bent over huge by the big 3 Canadian Telecom Companies and they have even admitted to working together on their pricing structures. The excuse for Canadians paying more for better and faster networks than in the US is getting old and straight up BS!

  • Bill___A

    Good points. Where I go in the US their networks aren’t so good though.