Videotron ‘Negotiating’ for Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular Support


If you’re wondering about whether Videotron will support Apple Watch Series 3 cellular customers, the company’s representatives have been responding to customers via their community forums.

Apple watch series 3 videotron

When asked about Apple Watch Series 3 LTE support on their network, an employee responded they were “negotiating” with Apple and “evaluating the different possibilities”:

At this specific release, Apple chose to offer this product to a limited number of operators. We care currently negociating with them and evaluating the different possibilities. As of now that’s all we can say but stay tuned, we’ll keep you informed over our different platforms, including this one of course!

Four years ago, Videotron and Rogers signed a 20-year agreement to build an LTE network together for Quebec and the Ottawa region. But with Rogers left out of the Apple Watch Series 3 cellular launch, that also impacts Videotron, because if it’s a network issue, they’re both in the same boat.

Bell is the only carrier to support Apple Watch Series 3 cellular customers right now, with Telus to add support later this year, which could possibly be in December.


  • Mario Gaucher

    It’s the usual runaround… nothing really new here.
    They don’t want to say no… they don’t want to say yes… it may or may not be available in the future…

  • Bill___A

    The watch is not really a stand alone device, it is paired with the phone. No one company should have exclusivity on watches paired with phones, there should be a standard that’s adhered to so that other watch makers can do this too, if they want – and any carrier should be able to support it. Standardization should be the key for interfacing mobile networks.

  • Danny Tam

    Uses VoLTE which Videotron doesn’t support yet. The watch can be used without pairing to a phone, it has an eSIM.