Videotron Promo: Double Your Data is Back, Plans Start at $48.95/6GB

Quebec-based Videotron has launched a 3-day only flash sale, which offers up to $150 off devices plus double the data on Premium plans.

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So where’s what you can get with this double data promo for BYOD on Premium plans, which offer unlimited nationwide minutes, international SMS/MMS, caller ID and voicemail:

  • $48.95 for 6GB (3GB + 3GB)
  • $55.95 for 8GB (4GB + 4GB)
  • $63.95 for 10GB (5GB + 5GB)
  • $69.95 for 12GB (6GB + 6GB)

Screenshot 2017 06 16 12 49 37

This sale looks to be in response to similar $49/6GB and $56/8GB plans being offered by the Big 3 in Quebec, as Virgin Mobile, Koodo Mobile and Fido all have similar offerings. The last time we saw Videotron offer this double data promo was back in February.

If you’re on an older Premium plan with Videotron, call in and get onto one of these plans to double the data.

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  • Kevin D.

    With BYOD you need to activate a new phone, they will not switch my old BYOD for the new ones, they tell me I can but I have to pay the price of a contract, which is from 64,95$ to 94,95$. The cheaper prices are upon NEW activation, compared to Koodo and Fido which doesn’t require to be a new client. Videotron is working at getting new clients but isn’t doing anything to keep them!!

  • So Young

    Just tell them to cancel your account and you’ll go to koodo/fido until the next promo so then you’ll be a new client for them. I’m sure they’ll fix that if you play that game.

  • Kevin D.

    That’s the first thing I did when they told me that and unfortunately they said there’s nothing that they can do. Like I said in my previous comment, they’re working to get new clients but not to keep the existing clients…

  • So Young

    Wow, if they really on their position its a really bad costumer service. If I were on your place, that could be enough to really consider moving to to Koodo/fido/virgin depending of what you pay now. I left Telus because they didn’t want to offer the same deal as Rogers back un february when they finally get the same offer a week later lol.

  • Kevin D.

    I have an old plan, 62$ for 6gb with unlimited music but currently have a rebate that brings the price down to 55$. I’m just waiting to see what happens with the unlimited music.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    I live in Ottawa. I wonder if I pop over to Gatineau I can swing this deal & dump Fido.

  • Cyrus Wu

    Go to St-Laurent mall, you can port your 613 number. They include Ottawa as part of Québec in their standards.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Thanks Cyrus.