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Nintendo to Release First iOS Game by End of 2015

Nintendo will release five game titles over the next two years, the company said during the earnings call today.

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Flickr for iOS Gets Auto Uploader for Photos, Videos: Time to Use that Free 1TB

Flickr for iOS has been updated with a new auto uploader so you can save all your images and videos to the cloud.


Award-Winning iOS Game ‘Monument Valley’ on Sale for 75% Off at $1.19

If you’re looking for one of the most popular games, Monument Valley is currently on sale.


Pixelmator for iPhone Coming, iPad App Goes on Sale for 50% Off

Pixelmator developers announce iPhone version of the app.

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Camera51 Launches on iOS, Automatically Guides You to the Perfect Picture [Free]

If you want to have an app tell you how to take the perfect picture, Camera51 will do it for you.

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Toronto’s ‘Grabb’ Allows Pre-Order and Pay for Take Out to Avoid Waiting in Line

Toronto’s Grabb allows users to preorder and prepay for meals to avoid line ups during busy times.

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Dropbox for iOS Updated: Comment on Files, 1Password Integration and More

Dropbox has updated their iOS app with the ability to comment on files and more.


‘Night Terrors’ Augmented Reality Game May Actually Give You Night Terrors [Indiegogo]

I’m scared already.

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Super Mario Bros Clone Sneaks into the App Store

A publisher has managed to get a clone of Super Mario Bros into the App Store.

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Apple Store iOS App Updated for Apple Watch [PICS]

You can now use the Apple Store iOS app on your Apple Watch.

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Second Cup Coffee Launches iPhone, Apple Watch App for Payments

Coffee fans of Second Cup now have an iPhone app to use to generate and track rewards.

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BBM for iOS Updated to Add iCloud Backup of your Chats

BBM for iOS has been updated with new features including support for iPad.