SimplyTweet iPhone Twitter App Contest!


There has been some discussion online about Tweetie’s upcoming 2.0 release and and how original Tweetie users will have to shell out $2.99 again instead of downloading 2.0 as a free update.

I’m not going to get into the whole argument about whether or not you should get the update for free or if you should have to pay again. If you want it, pay $2.99. If you don’t want it–don’t pay! It’s simple as that!

But…if you are still looking for the ultimate iPhone twitter app, don’t count out SimplyTweet. It is by far the best iPhone Twitter app out there. Personally, I think Tweetie is a bit overrated. Tweetie 2.0 won’t have Push Notifications, which is a feature many people want.

What’s the best twitter iPhone app? Only you can decide that. Try them all out and see what you like. I love SimplyTweet because it has all the features I need and more. Don’t forget to read my SimplyTweet review! I’m surprised more people haven’t picked up on this app yet.

How to Enter our SimplyTweet Giveaway

1. Reply to this thread in the Forums (click here to register if you haven’t already).
2. Contest ends on Sunday, October 4th at 11:59PM. GOOD LUCK! πŸ™‚


  • shnukms

    I love twatting!

  • montymon

    Haven't really jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, perhaps this will get me there…

  • Dusty

    Tweetie and Tweetdeck seem to be good enough for how much I use twitter.

  • davhacq

    I'd love to get SimplyTweet. It will replace TwitterFon (free) that I have used since day one. I have tried TweetDeck and Twitterrific but nothing combines these two. I hate the fact that a read tweet in one TweetDeck column still stays unread in another column. I have tried SimplyTweet free and really like it. It brings me everything that I need. I would love to get the full version for push notifications but $4.99 is borderline for me just for a Twitter app. I purchased IM+ as it was on sale for $4.99 and I almost regret it today as this app crashes so often and is not reliable. I would remove the push notifications for Twitter in IM+ if I could win SimplyTweet! It's as you mentioned the ultimate Twitter app! And finally I would have only one app for Twitter on my iPhone… SimplyTweet brings me everything that I need! *fingers crossed*

  • Stef

    Time to give this a try again and see if Lady Luck smiles to me this time around…

  • You all need to reply in the Forums to enter! There's been ONE entry
    so far!

  • jeff_u

    I digs my twitters

  • bringer666

    I still like Twitterific. I have tried other apps like twitterfon and tweetdeck but none of them seem to work as smoothly for me. I only tweet from my iPhone, I do not have any twitter app on my desktop.

  • unlogik

    I still haven't found a twitter app that is perfect for me, but Simplytweet might just be it! Stick me in the pool πŸ™‚

  • rorypiper

    Got this a while ago, and liked it a lot. I kinda float between a few different Twitter apps, using whatever is new, I guess. Switched back to SimplyTweet today, because of this post. I think I do prefer the natural iPhone UI, when sending tweets. Push notifications are nice, as well.

  • Alright, entered my comment in the forum this time!

  • Stef

    I did reply in the forums and I know I am meeting all the requirements… Hopefully Lady Luck will be on my side… I was waiting for this to happen since you let me know you'd have another SimplyTweet contest on Tweeter earlier in September!

  • belami

    Tweet tweet goes the bird!!

    It would be really tweet…i mean sweet if i won!! πŸ™‚

  • Shogun308

    Show me SimplyTweet is better by giving me a promo code so I can see for myself πŸ™‚

  • SimplyTweet has more features and is a very promising app. That being said, a lot of reviewers seem to forget to include this app in the mix. Just glad that iTunes App Store has it in their What's Hot section……

  • YES. I absolutely hate TwitterDeck although it looks nice. Would love to win this sucker!

  • maximcs

    Ive tested tweetdeck and tweetie, both are good but I still like the twitbird pro! like the speed and features of tweet deck but hate the colours…

  • maximcs

    I've tested tweetie, tweet deck, and twit bird pro. IMO the twitbird is the winner for me. I read more then i tweet…

  • Pokieo

    I have been so excited about Simply Tweet! I would love to win. Thanks for all the great posts.

  • dashparr

    I'm forever an Echofon fan. I have the paid version with push notifications for mentions and DMs.

  • Any news on who won the contest yet? Looks like a trend with SimplyTweet contests lately… πŸ™

  • Any news on who won the contest yet? Looks like a trend with SimplyTweet contests lately… πŸ™