Stay Safe for the Holidays: BACtrack S35 Pocket Breathalyzer is 54% Off [Deals]


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With Christmas around the corner, that means holiday staff parties and more which can result in one too many festive drinks.

If you want to be able to get home safe this holiday season, the BACtrack S35 pocket breathalyzer is on sale for 54% off in our Deals Store for $32.99, which includes free shipping to Canada and the USA ($29.99).

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Top reasons to buy the BACtrack S35—which only takes 5 seconds to determine your blood alcohol content:

  • RELIABLE – Advanced semiconductor sensor provides trusted results
  • EDUCATE YOURSELF – Learn how your body processes alcohol and always make smart, informed decisions
  • POCKET-SIZED – Ultra-portable design and unmistakable, palm-of-hand feel
  • HYGENIC – Three optional mouthpieces also included for multiple users.
  • WIDE TEST RANGE – Results displayed from 0.00-0.40 %BAC.

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The BACtrack S35 can easily fit on your keychain to help you keep you and your friends safe by making informed decisions after having a few drinks. The unit comes with three mouth pieces and has a one year warranty. It takes two AAA batteries (not included).

Click here to jump on the BACtrack S35 pocket-sized breathalyzer while it’s still available.


  • Eric

    Do these really work?

    How about you just don’t talk the risk of drinking and driving at all…

  • Rio

    Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world and people are going to either way.

    Atleast this gives people one more reason to not drink n drive. While they think they might ‘feel ok’ to drive blowing a BAC above a certain amount might give them hard evidence that they aren’t actually ok to drive.

  • tomm

    I just noticed delivery 3-4 weeks, not exactly useful during the Christmas and New Year blitz.