Best Buy Coupon Slashes Google Home Mini to $49.99; Google Wifi 3-Pack to $349.99 [u]


Best Buy has a sale right now on Google products such as the Home Mini speaker and its Google Wifi, priced at $59.99 and $399.99 respectively.

But coupon code BBYGG77 applied during checkout (or reserve) will take savings down even further, as the Home Mini drops to $49.99 (updated: was as low as $29.99, but now it’s only $49.99) and the 3-pack Google Wifi drops to $349.99 (update: looks like the coupon discount is now only $50 and not $80 like before). Both prices are cheaper than Boxing Day 2017 sales.

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The coupon will most likely expire soon or stop working, as users on RFD are going crazy over this right now.

Update: Looks like the code now only takes it down to $49.99 instead of $29.99…hope it worked for those who got in early. Also, the discount for Google Wifi is now only an extra $50 off now instead of $80, so $349.

Click here to check out the Google Home Mini and click here for the Google Wifi 3-pack.


  • Ali

    Awesome! Ordered two Home Minis at $30 each to get free shipping too!

  • Nice 🙂 Way to get in before the discount was reduced…

  • NOHoldsBar

    It’s nice to have but not necessary. Lol.

  • NOHoldsBar

    It’s scumny how they reduced the promo code. I’m sure some customers will consider shopping elsewhere. Besides, it’ll be $30 on Boxing day.

  • Mr. Speedy

    Too bad I missed the mini at $29, but I still bought it at $49. I also go the google wifi at $319.

  • Tyson Merten

    You should not have done that. Supporting their shady practices. $49 is a terrible “deal”. These things are only on sale or again a “good deal” if they are $29.99.

    Any higher and it’s really not a deal at all. I understand not wanting to liquidate all your stock at $29.99 but jacking the price $20 per item on an item that was priced at $29?

    Eff you Best Buy, seriously.

  • Mr. Speedy

    I can cancel my order!

  • Mr. Speedy

    I just did… had to « contact » them so here’s what I sent to them: « Please cancel the Google Home mini in this order. Shipping Id xxxxxx of order xxxxxxxx. Your « deal » is bad, considering you were offering it at $29 with the same coupon code I used earlier in the day. I will buy elsewhere unless you can price it at $29. »

  • Ottttttt

    I think it was an error as that discount was never supposed to apply to that item – so can’t fully blame their shady practices. I see some people have had success showing receipts from those who got it at $29 and having them PM.

  • Mr. Speedy

    It’s true though that $49.99 is not that big of a deal, I’ve seen it priced at $29 before. The fact that some people got it at $29 with the same coupon is shady. If the made a mistake, they should cancel the coupon all together or assume their mistake!

  • pkosta

    The wifi mesh is now only 50$ off not 80$ off anymore.

  • Mr. Speedy

    True, I just checked and it comes out at $349 now! What the hell is wrong with them?? It’s a moving coupon code? Only a certain portion of the customers can get the full discount? I’m glad I got it at $319!

  • o3mta3o

    Some places just honor what they sold and fix it. My dad once bought 3 mislabled tablets that were 200 a piece for 30 each before they fixed it minutes later.

  • Tyler

    I tried to get this 24 min after this was posted here. I put in the promo code at checkout. It was priced at $59.95 and the code brought it down to $29.95. I chose to pay with PayPal. When it took me to that screen it showed the total being $39.95. I was multitasking and didn’t bother looking into why. I figured it must be shipping costs. Then when I got my receipt emailed to me from PayPal it showed I was charged $52.49! I immediately emailed their customer support since my order # did not show up on their site. The responded a few hours later saying that “due to their very fast shipping process” they wouldn’t be able to cancel it.

    It’s one thing to no longer honour a promo code, but to show the discount at checkout and then change the price when actually charging is just down right shady. I’ll be returning it as so as I receive it.

  • pkosta

    The promo savings of 80$ expired yesterday as per the screen shot that was posted on the article the coupon code to day is less savings of 30$, to bad I didn’t see this last night

  • Florian

    Google home mini is $49 after promo code not 29

  • Caite Rose

    Google mini is $59.99 now

  • Caite Rose

    Sold out now for the Google mini.

  • letsGetItRight

    It should be free so they can spy on us all day long

  • the_boywonder

    So it’s $49 not $29, fuck you, click bait bullshit. It’s funny I went out of my way like crazy to get the last one at Christmas for my parents when it was $39, 4 months later now, fuckers haven’t even opened it.

  • Dr. Dre

    Dude I’ve been spending weeks trying to convince the world that my Google Home is spying on me.

    But everytime I tell people they say “you’re crazy, prove it”

    Glad finally someone as articulated and educated as you can see the real way , praise jesus

    So please do tell, other than your keen sense of analyzing live data by staring really, really hard at your modem, how do you know it’s spying on you?

    Once you share this thick, juicy information with the world I will go forth and burn every piece of technology to ensure the world is one again safe from evil tech and their skull-fucking code