Boom 3D Brings Surround Sound to the Mac, on Sale for 52% Off [Deals]


If you’re looking to get the most out of your Mac speaker, then you need Boom 3D, which is on sale in our Deals Store for a whopping 52% off at $7.99 USD. The app currently retails for $17.99 CAD in the Mac App Store, while there’s also an app for iPhone and iPad.

Boom 3D is a system-wide volume booster and equalizer made for macOS to maximize your volume settings on your Mac, so you can get the 3D surround sound you expect at home or the office.

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  • Features 3D Surround Sound unlike anything you’ve heard from a computer
  • Comes w/ built-in audio player for greater control
  • Takes audio levels on your Mac up a few notches across all of your apps & programs
  • Toggle-friendly controlled boost gives an intelligent control over the system’s audio output
  • Boats presets, 10-band, & advanced equalizers to identify the perfect settings for any scenario
  • Features special effects for audio distortion & greater enjoyment

Click here to jump on Boom 3D while it’s still on sale.


  • Hosaka

    Just a fair heads-up, check the reviews and users’ comments. If used properly & with care, the app seems to do wonders. Use it improperly and kick up the boost, kiss your MacBook speakers goodbye!

  • Taylor

    It also completely overrun’s your speakers. Have an app like flower or something else to split audio or redirect it to bluetooth speakers? Forget those. You either use Boom or F off because this thing surgically cuts it’s way into every other app and destroys them. It seriously is a horribly written or purposely written app that conflicts with everything.

    The best part is when you try to uninstall it. You god damn can’t and they even offer this weird tool to mostly remove it but I found pieces of it months after I installed it until I need a fresh install…

    0/10 would never install again.