Keep Your Mac Running Like-New with CleanMyMac 2, On Sale for 50% Off [Deals]


If you’re the type of person that always wants their Mac to be running in tip-top shape, CleanMyMac 2 can make your life a lot easier with just the click of a button. Right now, the CleanMyMac 2 Double-Pack is on sale for 50% off at $29.99 (normally $60) in our Deals Store. You get two licenses to run the software on two Macs that you own.

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  • Automatic Cleanup – CleanMyMac 2 uses advanced algorithms to only find files that are safe to delete and lets you review before anything’s erased.
  • System Cleanup – Automatically clean 11 types of junk, including user and system cache and log files, broken preferences, broken login items, iOS software update files, iOS photo cache, universal binaries, application configuration files, and language files.
  • Find Large and Old Files – Use precise sorting criteria to help you locate and delete files taking up space on your system.
  • iPhoto Cleanup – Eliminate unneeded original copies of edited images.
  • Application Uninstaller – Completely remove applications and all associated files, even app leftovers in Trash.
  • And much more

The Mac Observer for Macworld 2013 deemed CleanMyMac 2 as the winner of their Editors’ Choice Award. The developers are so confident you software will help you optimize your Mac, they are offering a full 30 day money back guarantee. Only have one Mac? Just split this deal with a friend or family member!

Click here to jump on the CleanMyMac 2 Double-Pack before it’s too late—the sale ends today.



  • Nafizur

    is this a good software, does it really help? i am noticing my mac slowing down a bit here and there.

  • Salinger

    Wondering the same thing. My iMac is a few years old and is slowing down. I don’t want to buy a new one because I mainly use my MacBook, but it’d be great if this actually worked and made my iMac more efficient.

  • T33BS

    It will find all those useless files (extra languages, old iOS install files, website data, etc.) and gives you the option of which ones to keep, and which ones to clean. First time use can likely clear up anywhere from 2 to 6GB’s of unnecessary files; after that it’ll still find 250-600MB of cleanable files every few months. You wouldn’t believe the amount of Microsoft files I had left behind deep beneath the computers files when I uninstalled/deleted Office for Mac!

    Use at your own risk though, it could mess up some extensions depending on what you’re cleaning, but don’t worry because they categorize the files and explain what each category of old/unneeded file clean would do, which eases the mind.

    Also, there were some bugs with this past generations Mac OS (like previous generations) so with the release of OS Yosemite around the corner, I believe it’ll experience some bugs early into Yosemite but they’re pretty good at fixing those.

  • ktpch

    I just bought and installed this program today. I left it on while I went to school and when I returned home it has deleted 76 GB of crap. Now my 3 year old Mac is running perfect.

  • Awesome to hear 🙂