Costco iTunes Cards Sale: 21% Off $100 Multipacks in Time for Black Friday


Costco has brought back their iTunes Cards sale, offering 16% off $100 Multipacks, available for $83.99 online.

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At Costco warehouses, the price is $78.99 for the $100 Multipack, according to the location we spoke with in Nepean location in Ottawa (a location in Toronto said the sale wasn’t available in-store, but was probably #fakenews). Our local warehouse isn’t open yet (not until 10AM PST).

You may want to check with your local warehouse to see if these are available for the same price (usually they’re $79.99 and should also be in-store). Just give them a call and press “1” to speak to the administrative staff and ask.

Why buy these discounted iTunes cards from Costco? By funding your iTunes Account with them, you save 20% off all digital purchases, subscriptions and more from Apple. So if you sign up for Netflix on your Apple device, and it’s funded with your iTunes Account, you save 20% off Netflix. Apply these savings to anything, such as iCloud storage, Apple Music and more.

You may want to buy these online by spending $4-5 more and avoid the crowds at your local warehouse (and a $500 cart of “groceries” and a poutine).

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Thanks Benoit!


  • Mario Gaucher

    yesterday, my local warehouse had the iTunes card pallet right beside the entrance at 88.99 (looks like to be the new regular price). they were there probably for the black friday sale that is going on today.

  • johnnygoodface

    I have to stop going back to Costco to get that deal each time, as appealing has it might be: I’m that close for the need of a saving account with high interests in iTunes!!!

  • RickysCV

    Thanks for the heads up. Best deal going.