How to Watch and Access Netflix USA in Canada


If you’re looking to access and watch U.S. Netflix in Canada, it’s been hard to achieve now that Netflix is blocking proxy access for Canadians and beyond.

However, there is still a way to access U.S. Netflix in Canada—and that’s to sign up for ExpressVPN, one of the easiest and reliable VPNs we’ve used.

ExpressVPN features 145 VPN server locations in 94 countries, has a speed-optimized network, unlimited bandwidth, plus best-in-class encryption, as they keep zero logs, making it an anonymous service, with the business itself based in the British Virgin Islands.

Beyond its 24/7 customer service through live chat, plus a 30 day money-back guarantee, ExpressVPN is by far the easiest VPN we’ve ever used, since there are apps for iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, various routers, and browser extensions for Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

For example, below is how you setup ExpressVPN on your iPhone, after downloading their iOS app—just tap the ON button and you’re good to go. You can also manually choose your server destination too. Connecting on your Mac is just as easy as the steps are the same.

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But what about accessing Netflix USA in Canada with ExpressVPN? We can confirm you can watch and view U.S. Netflix with your Canadian Netflix account, giving you access to a vast library of titles we don’t get here. Netflix and chill is about to get to another level.

In our tests, after launching ExpressVPN and visiting, you can see below the library is showing American titles. For example, the U.S. still has access to Minions, while in Canada it’s not available:

Screenshot 2017 08 30 15 45 53

Upon clicking a title, streaming American Netflix in Canada was smooth and in HD. If you are having trouble figuring out how to watch Netflix USA in Canada, contact ExpressVPN’s customer service. I guarantee they’ll guide you in the right direction (trust me–it works).

We previously told you how to watch HBO NOW in Canada, and ExpressVPN is a crucial step in making it possible. I know of friends who were watching Game of Thrones this way, using ExpressVPN.

If you’ve cut the cord in Canada, having a VPN is essential to expand your media library, no matter where you are and what device you’re watching from.

Beyond being able to watch geo-restricted content with ExpressVPN, the service keeps your data safe by anonymizing your browsing, while also protects your personal information when you’re surfing from free Wi-Fi hotspots. Never browse the web at Starbucks without securing your Wi-Fi connection first.

If you’re hesitant about using a VPN, ExpressVPN comes with a 30-day money back guarantee (no questions asked!), so you really have nothing to lose.

SPECIAL OFFER: iPhone in Canada has partnered with ExpressVPN, to offer our readers an exclusive deal on the service: 12 months + 3 months free, saving you 49% off—this works out to $6.67 USD per month.

Screenshot 2017 08 30 15 49 44

Click here to sign up for ExpressVPN and start watching American Netflix in Canada, along with other services too like Hulu, BBC iPlayer and more.

Disclosure: iPhone in Canada was provided a free trial of ExpressVPN for testing purposes. ExpressVPN is one of our affiliate partners, allowing readers to support us and help keep the lights on around here.


  • My 1/2 cents

    Even Express VPN has ongoing issues with Netflix where Netflix blocks Express VPN’s servers in the USA. It’s basically a cat and mouse game. Since Express VPN is a very popular VPN provider, it’s always on Netflix’s “hit list”.

  • Many99

    Does it work with AppleTV 4

  • cayaguy

    Smartdns works but this is clearly a paid advertisement for this service lol. Another obvious sales pitch. Anyway the lines between us and cdn Netflix are so small now it’s not even worth using a vpn, imo.

  • Riddlemethis

    DNS re-routing stopped working years ago.The USA content is very rich with Netflix USA.

    Besides, you get access to Netflix in other countries too if you have a decent VPN!

  • cayaguy

    I highly disagree I’ve compared the two recently it’s very similar in content now. And Smartdns works for me just fine.

  • flutor

    ExpressVPN was excellent in China. I had no problem accessing google, facebook, etc.

  • FragilityG4

    The funny thing is once Disney pulls out of Netflix in the US, it will be the Americans trying to access our content!

  • hlna55

    I read the same article about Hotspot Shield before I bought the “lifetime” license for $39. Now it doesn’t work for Netflix either.

  • Jezzah

    This is clearly sponsored content and should be disclosed as such in the title. Not doing so is disingenuous and amounts to click baiting.

  • C Pak

    What about a free option? Does anyone have any recommendations?

  • Brenda

    I disagree. Had to put up with the US Netflix while visiting. I had better content on my iPad over VPN. There’s just more, not better, on the US Netflix.

  • Brenda

    AppleTV used to be region-specific though you may now be able to set up a VPN through your router or even set the region on the AppleTV. I was asked what region the last time I had to complete reset it.

    I have my AppleTV set to North America and use my laptop with VPN for other regions. I can get BFN (French Fox News like channel), some German, Swedish and Norwegian TV on the AppleTV without a VPN.

  • Brenda

    Content on the Canadian Netflix better, in quality not quantity. Sadly, that’s not the case for Amazon Prime.

  • Zeke

    Agree re: you get what you pay for. I’ve cycled through a bunch of so-so vpns and ExpressVPN is simply a better service.

  • My 1/2 cents

    Lol. Netflix Canada has better content? And Donald Trump is a better president.

  • Brenda

    It depends on what you like to watch. No Line of Duty, Scott and Bailey or the Bridge on US Netflix yet.

  • Kate

    What if Netflix block ExpressVPN down the road? Can we cancel our membership at any given time?