Need Extra Lightning USB Cables? These are $14 with Free Shipping [Deals]


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Do you need some extra Lightning USB cables? Then the following deal from our partners at Stack Social will definitely interest you. There’s nothing worse than not having extra Lightning cables in the car, at home or at work when you need to sync or charge your iOS devices.

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The following third party Lightning USB cable will work to charge and sync your iPhone 5, 5th gen iPod touch, 7th gen iPod nano, iPad mini and fourth generation iPad. It is also extra long at 3 metres (10 feet), which is six times as long as Apple’s cable. The extra length means being able to use your iOS device in bed or on the couch while it’s charging.

Lightning usb data cable for iphone 5 and ipad mini 10ft 3m 1

This Lightning cable is available for purchase at only $14 (Apple’s cable costs $21) with FREE shipping to Canada (which can be rare).

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Other countries part of the free shipping offer includes the United States, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. Your cable will ship in 3-4 weeks.

Click here to jump on the $14 Lightning cable deal while it’s still available.

Update: This deals goes live tonight at 9:59PM PDT.

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  • Good deal. Sadly the last deal that came in similar through the site I got 2 cables and one only syncs, and the other will sync and charge, but only if you plug the lightning cable in the right way 🙁 Guess that’s the issue with using third party cables.

  • Michael

    Still says “Coming Soon”. Has anyone been able to order this?

  • It should be live now. Let us know if it works for you.

  • Okay, just got an update. The sale doesn’t start until 9:59PM PDT, which is tonight.

  • iPhone User

    I bought 3 of these type of after market cables. I will be honest it was the worst mistake I did. The cable will work sometime and sometimes it won’t. I also noticed that these aftermarket cables don’t charge your iPhone quickly compare to cables from apple.

  • shinratdr

    Even cheap 3rd party Dock Connector cables suck. I’ve had cables that don’t sync, or don’t charge, or do neither, and even ones that only trickle charge.

    Paying $14 for a 3rd party Lightning Cable that has a good chance of not working off the bat or only half working is crazy. Just buy the Apple ones.

    This ain’t a USB Micro cable. They’re basically just guessing. It’s also worth noting that the pinout is dynamic and not hardwired, and you can bet these cables don’t support that.

  • shinratdr

    Not to mention loose connectors, too tight connectors, dead cables, cables that only trickle charge, etc…

    This sort of thing is only worth it if the cables are $1-$2. At $14, you’re crazy to jump on it.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Maybe I’ve been lucky as the third party cables I have work 100%.

  • Farids

    I did a search in Amazon Canada and found a lot if these cables from reputable dealers for less than $10. I settled for a pack of 2 lightning cables for $7.50 total ($3.75 each)l, free shipping! I received both within 4 days. They work perfectly to charge and sync. And quality wise, at least external, you can not tell them from Apple’s own!!

  • vga switcher

    Apple is covered in bull crap on this one. Looks like it will have to be Apple’s own cable then at an Extortionate price I go off Apple more and more each day.


    Love the two way thing. You need to
    have two or three in reserve because it is going to break. Loved the old charger, never had the