Hurry! Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle 5.0: Get 9 Mac Apps for Under $4

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If you’re looking to get some awesome Mac apps, the Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle 5.0 is live in our Deals Store. As long as you pay above the average price, you get all nine Mac apps below!

As of writing, the average price is $3.01 and rising! You better hurry:

Those who pay enough to make the leaderboard at anytime during this promo will be entered into a contest to win a new 11-inch MacBook Air, with the winner chosen 2 weeks after the bundle ends.

Click here to jump on the NYOP Mac Bundle 5.0 before the average price goes up even higher. Also, 10% of your purchase goes towards a charity of your choice.

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  • Nick

    Tuneup sucks.. It royally messed up my iTunes library. Some of the album art was right, but most of the stuff it put on there was just wrong, and it even changed some english albums (Sting for example) to all japanese characters. Also there are things on that list that are charging money for something that should be free – like the video converter. They say it’s worth $60, but Vuze converts videos for iOS devices free.

  • Flaxx

    Yikes! Well I hope you’re wrong about Tuneup. Did you disable iTunes Match and Genius before you ran Tuneup? I’m in the midst of doing a cleanup right now. Hopefully it goes well. I got the bundle mostly for that. Snapheal Pro and PDF converter will hopefully be useful to me as well. You’re right about any video converter though. With HandBrake, I don’t see the point of ever paying for a converter.

  • Nick

    Sorry but i know I’m not wrong about tuneup… It sometimes works but does more harm than good. That was about a year ago that I did it, and I’ve got a huge library, but it just made a big mess. Some of the album art it used was just totally random photos off the Internet that had nothing to do with the albums.