Philips Hue 4-Pack Starter Kit Now $90 Off at $159.99, Lowest Price Ever on Amazon


The Philips Hue White and Colour A19 4-Pack Starter Kit is on sale on, down 36% to $159.99, saving you $90.

According to price tracker CamelCamelCamel, this is the lowest price ever on for this starter kit. The price works out to $40 per bulb, but you also get the included bridge.

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These Philips Hue bulbs work with Apple’s HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can control them with your voice. In the box are four Hue A19 white and colour bulbs (16 million colours) plus the bridge, so you can control them when you’re not home.

With HomeKit support, you’ll be able to setup schedules and automations, while control bulbs with Siri from your Apple Watch or iPhone.

With upcoming Amazon Alexa in Canada, you’ll be able to control these with any Echo product, which is probably why these are on sale. Bought a Google Home recently? You’ll be able to control these Hue bulbs too.

These smart bulbs are perfect to set the Christmas or holiday mood in your home, without reaching for a light switch, as they are also dimmable too.

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  • bbousquet

    Thought of pulling the trigger until I read the main gripe users have with the Philips Hue: every time you toggle power (i.e. hook them up to a wall switch) they revert to full white instead of restoring their last state. This is ridiculous.

  • Riar Jotz

    it was on sale for $129 on Black Friday @bestbuy and Home Depot

  • Olley

    The deal still on as of today

  • bbousquet

    The HD kit is a 3 bulb starter kit, I believe.

  • Dehop

    That was the 3-bulb kit. I got in on that deal. This deal is roughly comparable because of the additional bulb, which are normally about $50 each.

  • Dehop

    This was the reason I got a LIFX bulb first. I also got the Hue kit and have installed the latter into lamps where I don’t mind if a physical off/on switch resets them back on to regular (yellowish) white.

    The Hue is also noticeably dimmer at full strength than the LIFX, and the Hue’s colour reproduction is slightly off for some basic colours, even with the latest Generation 3 bulb improvements. But, one can argue they’re cheaper than LIFX on a per-bulb basis for a reason.

  • bbousquet

    The LIFX are indeed pricier. Any opinion on the Ikea Trådfri series?

  • Dehop

    Haven’t tried them, but from the iconnecthue website review of them, it notes the colour bulbs are not yet mature enough, though that’s offset by the much lower price.