On Sale: This iOS Controlled Bug Will Scare Your Friends; Free Shipping [Deals]


Want to pull the ultimate prank on your friends and family? The following iOS controlled bug is a toy that is both fun and creepy at the same time. Rechargeable via USB, this bug is controlled via an app from the App Store and also a transmitter that plugs into your headphone jack. Its realistic robotic movements mimic a giant cockroach, which surely will freak out your mom or even your pets.

Medium bugside

Below is what’s included in this deal from our partners at Stack Social:


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Regularly priced at $40, this bug is on sale for 27% off, priced at $29 with free shipping to Canada (and the following countries: United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore).

Check out the following video demo below:

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  • ABetterWorld

    This cheap technology is quite astounding. Drones and tiny robots are going to make a large impact on our future lives, as much as the computer has. Humans are generally horrible at predicting new horizons and possibilities. It takes a grounded visionary like the late Steve Jobs to pave the way. We are at the very early crude stages of this tech with huge new possibilities as things get refined and as costs go down. These robots also remind me of the Tom Selleck vehicle, Runaway.

  • Not

    If only it flew.

  • Jennifer L

    They also have a micro drone helicopter. Same small size.