Slim iPhone 5/5S 10 Hour Battery Case on Sale for 62% Off, Shipped Free [Deals]


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If you have an iPhone chances are you’re always on it which means it’s always good to have battery backup solutions nearby. The following Ultra Slim iPhone 5/5S 10 Hour Battery Case is on sale for 62% off at $29.99 which includes free shipping in our Deals Store.

The TOCCs Ultra Slim battery case can add up to 10 extra hours of battery to your iPhone 5/5S and snaps on easily. Never get shut of out battery ever again. Below are the top features:

  • Adds up to 10 hours of usable power
  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Firm secure-snap casing
  • Macro HD Lens
  • Recharge & reuse over 200 times

Click here to jump on the TOCCs Ultra Slim Battery Case while it’s still available (US residents click here; UK residents click here).


  • blitzwing

    Try making an iPhone with a decent battery in the first place and you wouldn’t have to pay for all these extra gimmicks. So glad I switched to android.

  • John

    What is the size of the battery in mAh? It’s difficult to assess how useful this would be with only subjective measurements of longevity. In the least it would be helpful to know what could be accomplished in the 10 hours. It’s very different to have 10h standby time versus 10h watching video. Thank you in advance.

  • Stack Social just replied it’s 800 mAh.

  • Ian

    Not true, it’s 2200 mAh

  • Hondanazi

    You can only charge it 200 times ?!?! I’ll stick with my Mophie juice pack air or my Incipio packs , I have both…. Incipio I paid $35 on sale the Mophie $65.

  • John

    Okay. I appreciate you getting back to me Gary.

  • Anytime!

  • Adam C

    Could this possibly be the sum of the number Gary gave and the phones battery size (around 1400)? Or is the battery actually this much bigger! ?

  • Stack Social double confirmed it’s 800 mAh.