This 10ft/3M Lightning USB Cable for iPhone 5, iPad mini is 51% Off, Free Shipping [Deals]


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If you’re looking to keep your iPhone or iPad charged all the time but don’t want to be tied down to your computer or power outlet, check out the 10 foot/3 metre long Lightning USB cable on sale in our Deals Store, currently 51% off at $13.99 with free shipping to Canada and beyond.

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This cable is not made by Apple, but a third party manufacturer.

However, Stack Social offers a 90 day warranty on this cable to ensure you won’t have any issues charging your iPhone 5/5c/5s and iPad (4th gen), iPad mini, iPod touch (5th gen) and iPod nano (7th gen). The cable works with iOS 7 (you’ll get a message that it’s not compatible but it will charge).

Redesign 10ftcable mainframe 630x473

This extra long cable will allow you to charge and use your iOS device at the same time while you’re in bed or on the couch. Regular cables are way too short to allow you to do this. The possibilities are endless. These will make great Christmas stocking stuffers (yes, Christmas)!

Click here to jump on the 10 foot/3 metre charging cable for your iPhone 5 and iPad mini before it ends.


  • shinratdr

    Just buy the 10 foot Lightning Cable from Monoprice instead. It doesn’t have free shipping, but it’s cheaper, good quality, comes with a lifetime warranty, comes in Black & White, and most important of all it’s MFi certified.

    The article is incorrect. That message isn’t displayed because it’s not an “official Apple cable” it’s displayed because it’s not an MFI cable and they didn’t pay Apple licensing fees to make a proper lightning cable. That’s fine for a $5 cable but for $14 that’s a complete ripoff. A $29 list price is also insane. That’s $10 more than the official Apple cable even though they aren’t paying licensing fees and the only difference is it’s longer, which is pretty cheap to do.

  • Sven L

    Buyer beware…as one other commenter stated, spare yourself the headache and buy an MFi certified Monoprice cable.

  • nightfly

    Thanks for the heads up ,was think about buying but you have change my mind.