This Retro Handset Takes your iPhone Back in Time [Deals]


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Want to reminisce about the olden days of talking on a phone? You can now with the Coco Retro Handset. This retro phone plugs into any 3.5mm jack and will work on your iPhone or iPad to take calls and is available in black, red, white, orange and pink. Time to start answering calls like a boss.

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Normally priced at $40, this handset is on sale for 62% off at just $15 (shipping is $4.95 to Canada/USA). If you’re tired of putting in headphones or a Bluetooth headset, this just might a great alternative and also make the perfect gift too.

Click here to jump on the Coco Retro Handset while it’s still available.


  • I’ve seen these around for the last few years and always thought they were a cool idea for a fun novelty item, but not worth paying $40 for. If I saw one for $10 I might pick it up, but $15 plus $5 shipping is still a bit too much for something I’d probably use once to have a laugh at and then forget about it.

    ps: I thought it was a 2.5mm jack, not 3mm?

  • Looks like we were both wrong. Just looked it up, and it should be a 3.5mm jack.