Get Unlimited Mobile Backup from IDrive for $10, Savings of 79% Off [Deals]


If you’re looking for a mobile cloud backup solution, check out the latest offer from IDrive in our Deals Store, as right now you can get unlimited data backup on up to 5 mobile devices for just $10, which is 79% off its regular price.

The Unlimited Mobile Backup plan allows you to backup contacts, photos, videos calendar events and more on up to 5 of your mobile devices. What makes IDrive appealing is it is cross-platform in nature, so you can backup your iOS device and restore it on an Android phone and vice-versa.

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  • Bullet-Proof Encryption: 256-bit AES encryption with an optional user defined key
  • Cross-Platform Compatible: Backup your iOS device and restore it to your Android
  • View & Access: Access files backed up from your PC, Mac or other mobile devices
  • Share: Share your files with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and email
  • Backup Your Social: IDrive features Facebook & Instagram backup

Click here to jump on this deal from IDrive while it’s still available.


  • hugo

    So is it a yearly price ?? Or how does it work? Thanks

  • Salinger

    When you click on the link, it says the licence needs to be renewed in 90 days. It seems to be a short-term promo to draw you in then you get hit with the regular price though even the product page is very scant on details. Who knows?

    I’d be cautious. I’ve found most of the “deals” offered are no deal at all. Many times the items are cheap and gimmicky. Like the bluetooth headphones that, after many people asking, turned out to be mono despite them saying they were great for listening to music. And don’t forget, although this is “iPhone in CANADA”, all pricing is in USD meaning for us, you can add another 13-15% on to any price you see. I’d say proceed with caution.

  • Seb

    No Salinger. It says that the licence needs to be redeemed within 90 days. In other words, once you finish the purchase, you need to activate your account within 90 days. The 10$US price is a one time price for lifetime service.
    My 2 cents: If a lot of people use the service, at that price, performance will degrade.

  • Salinger

    Oops, you’re right; I misread.

    So for just a one-time fee of USD10 you get UNLIMITED backup of photos/videos and all other manner of things, up to 5 devices FOREVER?!

    If it’s reliable and will be around long-term, that’s an awesome deal, but for me it’s ringing of “if it sounds too good to be true…”. 🙂