How to Fix the iTunes Store App Crashing in iOS 7


Many of you have let us know about the iTunes Store app crashing in iOS 7. It appears you’re not alone as others have also mentioned the issue within the Apple Support Communities. If you’re suffering from the iTunes Store app from crashing in iOS 7, here are some fixes that have worked for others, in no particular order:

  • Launch the iTunes Store via the Music app: Launch the Music app, then click ‘Store’ in the upper left hand corner to jump you to the iTunes app. This bypasses launching the iTunes Store itself and seems to correct the crashing afterwards.

Photo 3

  • Change cookie blocking settings in Safari: Go to Settings > Safari > Block Cookies > Select “From third parties and advertisers”. Making this change has worked for some as well.

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  • Nuke your settings to default (will not erase data or apps): Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. This will change your iPhone’s settings to default (note: Wi-Fi hotspots will be deleted) and has also worked for some.

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  • Force close all apps, sign out and sign back into iTunes: double tap the Home button to show multitasking apps. Swipe up to close all your apps (or use 2-3 fingers for multiple apps). Sign out of iTunes: Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Sign Out. Restart your iPhone and launch the iTunes Store.

If the above doesn’t work, as a last resort, backup your iPhone and freshly restore to iOS 7 via Apple’s instructions. Did any of these solutions work for you? Let us know which ones did in the comments!


  • DickGozinya

    Do NOT, under any circumstances enable third party tracking and cookies like the OP has suggested. Not only is it complete BS regarding a fix, but it even further opens you up to bs that you don’t want and/or need.

    Using an apple service doesn’t not require enabling third party trackers, period. Give your head a shake.

  • You have mis-read the post. No where does it say to enabled third party tracking and cookies, but rather to BLOCK them 😉

  • thebruce0

    Well, “tick off” can be confusing 😛 is ‘tick’ a verb to turn on? coupled with ‘off’? whut? 🙂 Maybe just plain english “Turn on blocking cookies of third parties and advertisers” would suffice

  • Farids

    Thanks for info. The first solution worked for me. I also have iOS ask me for multiple email passwords 3-4 times a day!!! I haven’t really checked for solutions yet, but it can be quite irritating when one has a lot of email addresses. The interesting thing is, mail syncs just fine and entering the passwords again does not really do anything. Another error worth mentioning is, a few times a week, I get a prompt about a third party proxy server. I’ve tried multiple adjustments on internet and third party advertising settings, but it still comes back.

  • I see the confusion! 😉 I chose ‘tick’ because of the icon within iOS, but the combination of ‘off’ can mess with our brains. Post updated to clarify.