Greenpois0n RC6 Jailbreak for Apple TV2 Released


Just a quick update from The Chronic Dev Team: Greenpois0n RC6 has been released for OSX and Windows. If you have run into errors jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad, be sure to download the latest version.

This latest release will jailbreak your second generation Apple TV with @nitoTV support!

RC6 release notes, as per @pod2g:

  • RC6 Includes @nitoTV work on AppleTV 2 🙂
  • fixes emulator issues
  • You can apply RC6 over RC5 without restoring.

Don’t forget to check out our jailbreak guides:

We’ll be updating our guides to link to RC6..


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    Can’t access
    Sweet though, just got the beta invite for Seas0npass Windows this morning, and I won’t even need to bother with it, because this is AppleTV Untethered!

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    I’ve got it up and running, and it’s working great.

    When you first boot you have a Greenpois0n header beside Movies. It gives an option to inject software, and when you click it, you’re given the option to install Cydia+SSH. after a reboot instead of the Greenpois0n header, it’s NitoTV. and from there you have weather/rss and installers for stuff like XBMC (Which is why I did the jealbreak. avi streaming!)

  • Colinmcbride2000 is down. Anywhere else to download it?