How to Fix BBM for iPhone Crashing in iOS 7.0.3


With today’s release of iOS 7.0.3, it has caused the most popular free app of the moment, your favourite, BBM for iOS, to crash when you try to send or receive a picture.

Once the app crashes, it will reopen but you won’t be able to chat with that particular user again. The app will crash again. You could try reinstalling the app but you don’t need to.

Here’s how to fix BBM for iOS Crashing on your iPhone in iOS 7.0.3

1. Launch BBM. Go to the ‘Chats’ view. Tap and hold on the crashing user until the right sidebar appears.

Bbm ios 7 0 3 crash fix

2. Tap the ‘trash can’ at the bottom to end the chat. Once this is done, start a new chat with that same user and you should be able to chat again.

This fix worked for us. Another fix was also to delete chat history, but force closing the chat window worked a few times in our tests.

Earlier today, BlackBerry announced BBM for iOS and Android had topped 10 million downloads in just 24 hours. Let us know if this fix works for you!


  • InsaneWoodGrain

    Weird Gary, I thought your “experience with BBM for iOS was short lived.”

  • It was short lived when I was writing the review.

    But you guys won’t stop messaging me about these bugs 🙂

    I also said I did not delete it yet!

  • InsaneWoodGrain

    That is true!

  • 😀

  • crosseyed_mofo

    i talked to gary last night, yes


  • mikexpress

    has anyone been able to send a picture message? it instantly crashes the app ( either sending or receiving

  • Mike Tilley

    So until the bbm app is updated I am not able to send a picture?

  • Nope

  • Jerwen Jay Ogma, RN

    Tried it but still can’t send a message to the user.

  • Try reinstalling BBM as a last resort.

  • Tariq Hajj

    I had the exact same problem. I deleted the user i was trying to send the photos to and then added him and it worked
    i presume this is a temp solution till BBM update their app.

  • Bamboo

    I have a different problem on my iPhone 4. I got an email that I am at the front of the line and that I can sign up, which I did. I even received an email to confirm my registration. I tried to login to BBM but app gets stuck on the Turning wheel after entering my ID and password. I rebooted the phone, reinstalled the application. Still the same problem. Anyone out there had this problem?

  • iFone

    Just uninstall that piece of crap. You lived without it before, you still can continue to do so…

  • Nathan Halim

    I cant recieve the pics i wanna see them i also do what you are telling us now but i want to see the media they sent me badly

  • Paul

    How can I delete individual chat rather than doing End Chat? In my BB phone I can put the cursor on that chat and press D to delete.
    How to display curret time which I can do on my BB phone by typing LT+space
    Thank you

  • Rick

    BBM closes without warning on my iPhone even when just typing to someone. Sending pics works just fine. I am using iOS 7.1.2. WhatsApp never crashes. Maybe BBM is a crappy app? I have no idea what is wrong. My battery is at 70%.