Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide for Solving iOS Battery Drain


Yesterday, we shared an article from’s Scotty Loveless, detailing why the iOS Facebook app devours iPhone battery life. The step-by-step guide was recently updated to share how to solve iOS battery drain, based on the author’s “years of research and anecdotal evidence” gathered in the hundreds of Genius Bar appointments he took during his time as an Apple Genius and iOS technician.


Ever since the public release of iOS 7.1, a vast number of users have been reporting poor battery life following the update. The author however notes that 99.9% it is not iOS that is causing your iPhone’s battery to drain faster. “I guarantee you that if you erased your phone and there were no apps or email on it, it would last for ages”, Loveless says.

But in reality, no one uses their iOS devices without any apps installed. So, in order to be able to use all the apps and all your favourite features, without compromising battery life, follow the guide written by the former Apple genius. Before proceeding however, you need to test and see if you even have a problem to begin with:

How to Test Your iOS Battery Drain

There is a quick and easy battery life test built into your device, if you do a little bit of math — the Usage and Standby times. Head on over to Settings > General > Usage and check out your times. The key to look for is that your Usage time should be significantly lower than your Standby time, unless you have been using your device every single second you’ve had it unplugged. If this is not the case and your Usage time is exactly equal to your Standby time, you have a severe problem.

Once you have identified a battery drain problem does exist on your device, go through all the causes of iOS battery drain listed here one by one, along with tips on how to resolve each of them.

Let us know if his guide was able to help your battery life!


  • When in doubt, ask for help. I had this problem, and have had it fixed. Here’s the story.

    On my iPhone 4S, the usage and standby times being the same was exactly my problem since I upgraded to iOS 7. I’ve had an iPhone since the 3G (in 2008, wow that’s a while ago now), and I’ve always upgraded with a restore to a backup to get all my settings and apps back just the way they were before. Well after 3G -> 4 -> 4S and all the OS upgrades I guess my 4S was starting to have some software issues that was affecting my battery life in a big way. I’d have to charge the phone overnight and halfway through the day just to keep it alive. I took it into an Apple store here in Van to get the battery checked out and that’s exactly what they said. Standby time was the same as Usage time. I tried a system restore that I did myself at home, didn’t help. A full wipe and then load apps and settings manually that I did at home didn’t help. The poor battery life remained. Finally I took it back to the Apple store in Oakridge in Vancouver and one of the guys there did a full reset with OS update on my phone (something he said only they could do there). And Poof! Like magic, the phone is back! The battery life is way better. I can now get through work day and get home and still not have to charge it until night. And my usage has not changed. I use my phone a lot! Also of note: This battery on my 4S has seen more that 1000 charge cycles as well and still holds about 75-80% of its charge.

  • Wow. Finally a GOOD, well thought through, technically accurate guide to solving battery drain issues. At first I thought it might be another one of those turn-off-every-useful-feature guides that people put together without fully understanding what they’re talking about, but this one looks great!

    I especially love the tip about NOT closing down all of your apps constantly with the app switcher, and how it ends up using more juice to start those apps up again later. I imagine closing down your apps all the time is a lot like someone trying to save gas by turning off their car at every red light.

  • It is a great guide, and echos a lot of what I saw as a heavy user of my phone. Thanks for sharing Usman.

  • WatDah

    One thing that I do is turn off System Services that I don’t really need. It helps a whole lot.

    Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services

  • scottyloveless

    Author of the article here: you’re exactly right. That’s a great metaphor.