Apple Maps Updated with 3D Maps for Metro Vancouver


It appears Apple has continued to rollout 3D maps with the latest addition being Metro Vancouver. Downtown Vancouver, along with other cities throughout the Metro Vancouver area such as Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, and more have received 3D views for buildings and homes.

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Last September, Calgary received 3D maps, while Toronto and Montreal received theirs even earlier last August. We tested other major cities in the country but haven’t seen any other additions other than Vancouver. If you noticed a new addition, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Thanks @gfengstad!


  • Finally. Awesome. I can see my house in a residential area in so much detail on my iPad 3.

  • Ex

    My god the 3D is so poor when compared against Google

  • What you are using as a comparison? Screenshots in the story or did you actually try it out? There is zero 3D on google earth outside of the downtown core. While there are some rendering errors on Apple maps for objects like bridges and BC place, Apple maps does have 3D outside of the downtown core in East Van, Burnaby, New Westminster and Richmond from my cursory checks. It also is rendering trees and some vehicles which google does not do.

    So you have relatively flat 3D in a small area of vancouver vs. more detailed 3D in a larger area of the lower mainland and you think google is better? Even with the rendering errors, the Apple version is more detailed and accurate.

  • cyclopean

    You have obviously not compared them side by side! The 3D in apple maps is wayyyyy more detailed and better looking than googles. Bring the same area up on both maps and compare. These are just really bad screenshots

  • jabohn

    Looks very cool. I’m just waiting for them to update the satellite images so they are colour. They seem to be black and white all throughout the interior of BC and beyond when you zoom way in.

  • Yes some of the satellite imagery apple licenses/acquires is in b&w for some reason, but they have made progress with this too; along with Vancouver’s flyover, my area (Oshawa metropolitan area) was updated with high quality colour satellite imagery. I’m sure they’ll get to your neighborhood soon. Now if only there was more than like two streets around here that had live traffic data…

  • excaliburca

    Feels like I’m looking at one of my Simcity creations! I’m impressed actually.

  • Dz

    I live in Vancouver downtown. Even though this a “new” map, it shows half of my melting and the other half looks bombed with 75 storey prehistoric tree like rock formations things blocking all entrances. The best part? The block-long Smart Car out front. Glitch in the Matrix? Fail.

  • DZ

    Make that my BUILDING is melted and bombed!

  • Sam


  • Abe

    Sweet! Now I can get terrible directions in 3D!

  • N


  • 3D foreva!