iOS 6.1.3 Users Complaining Of Battery Drain And Wi-Fi Issues


Ios 6 1 3 release date

While we already know that the recently released iOS 6.1.3 is plagued with yet another kind of passcode security flaw, CNET reports (via Gotta Be Mobile) that some iOS 6.1.3 users are complaining of other problems as well, including excessive battery drain and wi-fi connectivity issues.

It appears that the battery drain has become a constant complaint with every new iOS update. According to some users, their battery is draining much faster after installing the new update. Some have tried turning off notifications and restoring the device to factory settings, but say their battery charge still doesn’t last long. Another glitch affecting some users is Wi-Fi connectivity. Several Apple forum commenters say their Wi-Fi connections are grayed out or inoperative.

Still one more issue affecting a few people is a battery drain that occurs when connecting to Microsoft Exchange — another problem that’s been around awhile.

Apple has acknowledged the problem in the past and offers a support page with suggestions on resolving it.

Do let us know if you have noticed any of these issues with the iOS 6.1.3 update in the comments section below.


  • Have definitely noticed the battery drain issue. Why the hell can’t they fix this!!!!

  • BCEd

    Perhaps the reason that lots of people complain about battery performance after every update has to do with OTA updating? It would be interesting to see if there is a correlation. I.e. is it only/mostly those who’ve updated OTA that are experiencing issues?

  • reds-sarge

    I’ve never really had a battery problem with my 3GS/4/Wife’s 4S/5 but this is driving me nuts. Since 6.1.3 my battery lasts maybe 3 hours on 3G, 4-6 on WiFi If i’m lucky. This is a real issue and it has made me think twice about upgrading immediately

  • 1_andrew_1

    I updated via desktop not OTA – huge battery issue on my 4S I can almost watch it go down. Not impressed.

  • rhodz_99

    I am also experiencing battery drain and wifi issue with my iphone5. My ipad4 works fine, ipod 5th has wifi issue.

  • AccordXTC

    I haven’t ever found any battery drain on any iOS versions but have had the issue of apps using location services causing a battery drain

  • hub2

    I haven’t updated immediately in about 10 years, ever since a nasty bug in an OSX update installer wiped out entire hard drives if their names started with a space character. VERY fortunately, I was away from my computer the day that update came out. These days, I wait about a week–there’s rarely any compelling reason to update the instant the update is available.

  • RocketmanCC

    My friend solved his battery drain problem by turning off iCloud except for contact syncing.

  • WatDaPhuck

    I’ve never experienced battery issue since the original iPhone. I’ve also used 3Gs, 4Gs, and now using 5. No matter if I did a full restore, update through iTunes, or OTA. One thing that I’ll do first thing no matter what, is turn off all the useless System Services in Settings > Privacy > Location Services (but I’ll leave Cell Network Search and Traffic on as I use maps often). Hope this helps.

  • No battery drain or wi-fi issues on my iPhone 4 W/iOS 6.1.3. On my iPad mini, did notice that it’s slow to pick-up wi-fi at home…

  • I updated from 6.0.1 to 6.1.3 via desktop (not OTA) a few days ago and my battery is BETTER than before … keeping my fingers crossed

  • Jason

    I’ve noticed this with each update, ive gone as fall as removing a lot of the apps on my phone but still drains faster then the last update. also noticing wifi dropping more then ever. not just at home, but cafes and other usual hotspots.

  • Sergio3986

    My battery performance has definitely been impacted from the update. Terrible performance ever since I updated

  • iPhone WiFi has been junk since iOS 6.0. Apple needs to hire someone who knows something about WiFi. It’s absolutely Apple’s biggest problem and always has been.