Here’s What’s New in iOS 8 Beta 2 [PICS]


The second beta of iOS 8 has arrived two weeks after Apple released the first beta, and it brings multiple improvements, alongside some changes and the usual bug fixes. While it does include notable improvements, this version is still sluggish on an iPhone 5c. Since its release, we’ve been busy diving into iOS 8 beta 2, and we’ve put together a list of notable changes.

Podcasts: One of the first changes that captured out attention is that the Podcasts app now comes pre-installed and can’t be deleted.


Messages: Camera and voice buttons are no longer blue.


Predictive keyboard: With iOS 8 beta 2, QuickType Keyboard is available on the iPad as well.

Predictive keyboard

Home Data: Under Privacy there is a new section called Home Data, where users will see apps that have requested access to home data (HomeKit).

iCloud Photos: The first time you access photos, you’ll notice a new iCloud Photos welcome screen prompting you to either choose this service or skip it.

ICloud photos

Notifications: iOS 8 beta 2 allows users to mute notifications for individual apps.


Safari: The built-in Web browser blocks ads from automatically redirecting you to the App Store without user interaction.


App Store: The second beta enables app reviews, and the App Store and App Store app now display a family purchase section (via MacRumors forum).

Settings: There is a new “Raise to Listen” option for the Messages app (via MacRumors).

These are just a handful of notable features. We will update the list as we continue to dive into iOS 8 beta 2.


  • Erik Kappel

    The ad-to-App-Store thing was becoming extremely aggravating. Glad to see it being addressed. I’m also happy I’ll be able to select which tone I want for specific apps, so I can know without looking if it’s something I want to see immediately (like a Twitch channel going live).

  • Parksy

    I’ve stopped trying to develop but my developer account is still active. I think I’ll wait for a couple more beta releases before I install on my phone.

  • Stefan

    Wise choice. The iOS 8 beta is really buggy even wen compared to the iOS 7 beta releases. It was expected since a lot of APIs changed. However, if you are a developer I would recommend you get your hands on Xcode 6 and play around with Swift and use the simulator to test your code.