Share: Now Sells iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, AirPort Time Capsule, AirPort Express


Screenshot 2014 11 04 12 44 39 now lists Apple’s new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 for sale, along with the AirPort 2GB Time Capsule and AirPort Express wireless router on the same page. Despite featuring the iPad Air 2 online, no models are currently available.

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The entry iPad mini 3 model listing reads “Faster LTE” as a feature, but the price reflects the Wi-Fi model at $434.99 (Apple’s price is $439), so that appears to be an error (or a deal?!). Buying from Costco means you save $5, but you also get a rock-solid 90 day return policy, which is six times longer than Apple’s standard 15 calendar days.

The AirPort 2GB Time Capsule is listed for $289.99 ($9.01 off) and the AirPort Express is listed for $98.99, savings of a penny.

Costco Canada first resumed its relationship with Apple during this summer, when it started sales of iTunes Cards, iPads and iPods, while adding the Apple TV and iPhone later on. No word yet whether iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 have reached retail stores (we haven’t had a chance to check yet). Let us know!


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  • Omac

    Still have the old models on display

  • Ben

    They are in store and I am going to probably get one from our local Costco. Does anyone have experience with the Costco warranty? It sure seems like a hell of a deal vs. AppleCare. You give up the applecare online support but I am competent enough to not need that portion. The 3 years of drop coverage with no deductible for $99 (same price as applcare) sure looks tempting. 1 year longer with no cost for replacement for accidental drop. Seems like a no brainer for when someone in my family inevitably drops it and breaks the screen like was the fate of out ipad 2. Looking for costco warranty feedback is it as good as it seems??