Costco Now Sells iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c; iPad and iPod Sales Expand to More Locations

Costco now sells the iPhone at the wireless kiosks within their stores. This marks a full return of Apple’s iOS products to the warehouse, which started with iTunes gift cards, then iPads and iPods.

According to the Costco Guelph location we spoke with, iPhone pricing currently is as follows:

  • 16GB iPhone 5s – $77 on contract ($727 outright)
  • 16GB iPhone 5c – $19 on contract; includes free $25 Costco gift card ($617 outright)

Also, iPad and iPod stock has now reached more locations, after debuting first at the new Guelph warehouse. They have been spotted at locations such as Oshawa, Brampton, Laval and Toronto (Warden & Ellesmere) to name a few.

Below is pricing of what you should be able to find at your local Costco right now or fairly soon (via RFD):

  • iPod touch 16GB – $205.99 (save $13.01 vs
  • iPod touch 32GB – $259.99 (save $9.01 vs
  • iPod nano 16GB – $139.99 (save $9.01 vs
  • Retina iPad mini 16GB – $394.99 (save $24.01 vs
  • Retina iPad mini 32GB – $488.99 (save $30.01 vs
  • iPad Air 32GB – $582.99 (save $36.01 vs
  • iPad Air 64GB – $676.99 (save $42.01 vs

Ipad air costco

The savings are decent if you don’t qualify for Apple’s current Back to School Promo, but of course along with it comes Costco’s rock solid return policy. In this case, these products will fall under the 90 day electronics window, which is much longer than Apple and other stores like Future Shop or Best Buy.

But there are other benefits of buying your iPad or iPod at Costco:

  • Executive Memberships save an additional 2% cash back on purchases (Reward rebate cheque is mailed at the time of membership renewal).
  • Costco’s extended warranty programs ($69 for items under $500; $99 for devices over $500) provide an extra 3 years of warranty, which include accidental damage.
  • Paying with an American Express TrueEarnings card nets you an additional 1% reward

Sounds like a good deal to me if you’re looking to buy an iPad or iPod anytime soon. Of course, new models are coming in October so you might want to hold off if you want the latest from Apple.

Have you spotted Apple products at your local Costco? Which location?