Here’s the First Video Unboxing of the iPad Air [WATCH]


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Australian YouTube channel BrandHitTech has posted one of the first hands-on unboxing videos of the iPad Air. Check it out below:

Also below is a video of the iPad Air launch at the Sydney Apple Store, where Ben Pasternak was first into the store, after 17 hours of waiting in line:

The iPad Air is set to launch in Canada on November 1, 2013. Online sales are set to start at 12:01AM PDT. Apple Stores are set to open at 8AM local time for the launch tomorrow. Anyone planning on waiting in line?

Update: Here is another unboxing video by Italian YouTube channel HDblog:


  • xxxJDxxx

    Are long lines expected for the launch?

  • steve j

    no they’re not. not enough buzz behind this product.

  • youreallyhavenoclue

    I’m glad. Should be able to roll into a best buy after work and get one no problem (hopefully).

  • gerry

    Reserve and pick up in store if the option is available. It is in my city of Ontario.

  • Where are you seeing the option for reserve and pick up?

  • youreallyhavenoclue

    This was odd for me. It was not showing as available for reservation on the Best Buy app or on the website. then my sister (who purchased it for me for my birthday) said she was able to reserve it online no problem. This was the best buy on Wilson near Yorkdale mall. It wouldn’t let me reserve one but let her for some reason.

    It’s awesome BTW, never had any of the previous versions, loving it!