Concepts Bring Gold iPad mini ‘S’ and Blue iPad mini ‘C’ to Life [PICS]


Designer Martin Hajek has created brilliant concepts before based on rumours, such as what an iPhone 5 would look like with Touch ID. This time he ponders what would happen if Apple decided to follow the iPhone 5s/5c strategy with its next generation iPad mini:

I’ve been rendering the iPad mini 2 for a while now, even before certain Australian ‘leakers’ showed us that it would come in gold 🙂

The question that I asked myself is; will Apple follow a similar S / C strategy for the iPad (mini) as it has for the iPhone 5? In any case – nice to see such a colorful iPad mini!

So below are concepts of what a gold iPad mini ‘S’ would look like with Touch ID in gold, plus an iPad mini ‘C’ in blue:

Screenshot 2013 10 02 21 42 41

Screenshot 2013 10 02 21 43 05

Here’s another classic Hajek render (note the finger print smudges) of the gold iPhone 5s next to a gold iPad mini:

Screenshot 2013 10 02 21 45 56

Earlier today, a video showed how the Touch ID fingerprint sensor from the iPhone 5s fit perfectly into Home button spot on an alleged iPad 5 shell.

Apple is expected to announce new iPads this fall, possibly later this month. Reuters reported this morning a Retina iPad mini could possibly not appear until 2014.


  • tHoj101

    I think we’ll see two iPad variations, a silver, and space gray. The iPad, even though it runs iOS, has always seemed like a reflection of the Mac, and not the iPhone. I don’t see Apple doing a gold iPad mini, or ‘classic.’ The gold looks nice because it’s a touch of gold, it isn’t a gaudy gold slab, it looks nice because it’s merely a ‘touch’ of gold. Cool renders from a talented dude though.

  • The gold is nice. And the idea of it being exclusive to the iPhone line up would definitely draw more sales, instead of also offering it to the iPad family. We’ll find out soon.