Retina iPad Mini Not Until Next Year, Says Reuters


Those awaiting the iPad mini 2 with Retina display may be disappointed, as Apple is facing severe supply chain constraints, Reuters has learned. This also means the 7.9-inch tablet will be available in only limited quantities this year, if at all, and the high-resolution model production is pushed back to 2014.

Reuters added its voice to the looming iPad mini 2 rumours and said that Apple plans to roll out the second-generation mini tablet this month, but high-resolution Retina display panels bound for the device are only just starting production now.

While the reason behind the retina display production is unknown, some voices whispered to Reuters that one cause could be Apple’s strict power-saving requirements. Supply chain participants need to receive Apple’s certification.

Considering that the manufacturers are starting production only now, the possibility of a Retina Display iPad mini 2 is very low, according to the news agency’s sources. From an analyst perspective, this doesn’t look good, because the iPad mini is more expensive than any other 7-inch tablets on the market. However, Apple isn’t renowned for launching cheap products.

An option to gain more market share and cut prices could be an 8 GB iPad mini, and one source has told Reuters that Apple is looking at rolling out this version. This will obviously allow a lower price, and it could boost Apple’s presence in the emerging markets.

Would you be interested in buying an 8 GB iPad mini?