iPad Air 2 Comes with 10W USB Power Adapter, Instead of 12W Model Like Last Year [PIC]


Apple’s new iPad Air 2 comes with a 10W USB power adapter, marking a shift compared to last year’s iPad Air, which shipped with a faster 12W adapter (that first debuted with the fourth generation iPad).

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According to Apple’s iPad Air 2 page, here’s what they detail on choosing a USB adapter for your iPad:

Which power adapter should I use to charge my iPad?

iPad Air 2 and iPad Air come with a 10W USB Power Adapter. iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 2 come with a 10W USB Power Adapter. iPad mini comes with a 5W USB Power Adapter. If you need to purchase an additional adapter, choose the 12W adapter because it can charge all iPad models.

The following chart details Apple’s USB power adapter changes over the years:

Screenshot 2014 10 24 01 29 37

It was noted back in 2012 the 2.5-Amp 12W USB charger decreased iPad 3 charging times by an hour and iPad 4 charging times by 36 minutes compared to the 10W 2.1-Amp charger, according to tests by iLounge.

iFixit’s recent iPad Air 2 teardown revealed a smaller capacity battery—7,340mAh— compared to last year’s iPad Air which was at 8,827mAh, a 17% reduction, but still maintaining 10 hours of battery life. Maybe the rationale was with the ‘smaller’ battery, it would take less time to charge even with a 10W adapter? Someone out there do the math.

Still though, they company should ship 12W USB power adapters standard for 9.7-inch iPads. It just makes sense when you need to charge these large batteries in a hurry. The 12W USB power adapter is currently available for $19 US or $21 CAD from Apple’s online store, touted as being able to “charge all iPad models” (and your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus).

At least this year’s iPad mini 3 sticks with a 10W charger instead of the puny 5W iPhone USB charger that initially came with the first generation iPad mini, right?


  • matt

    Why does thr newer iPad air 2 have a SMALLER BATTERY? Isn’t the whole point to increase battery size and increase battery life? Isn’t this sort of like downgrading?

    There’s no way that it will have a longer or same battery life as the iPad air 1….its common sense and I don’t understand this move from apple

  • Andreas Breslawski

    The battery life is still the same because the new components use less energy.

  • xared

    Umm, physics, buddy? You want them thinner, the battery gonna slim down. But with the better efficiency in processor, display, software and others, the life is still the same. So you can stay with them fat iPads and make components better, so that the life becomes even more. But grievers want them lighter and thinner and Apple is trying to do so all time. If Apple doesnt slim down much, someone cries. If they do slim much, someone cries. Cant satisfy all those babies out there, can Apple?

  • ;^}

    Apple isn’t the only company that faces the problem of having to reach a compromise between portability, and functionality. It’s almost as though it’s the issue that faces every mobile device companies.

  • xared

    Never denied that. People will always expect more. Circle of life.