Here are Apple’s New iPad Air 2, Retina iPad mini 3 Prices in Canada [LIST]


As expected, Apple today announced new iPads. The iPad Air 2 got a new A8X chip and a better camera. The iPad mini Retina 3 sticks with the A7, while both add Touch ID and gold colour options.

ipad air 3 prices canada

Here are the Canadian prices for these new iPads plus the reduced prices for the older models.

iPad Air 2 with Wi-Fi

  • $549 (CAD) for the 16GB model
  • $659 (CAD) for the 64GB model
  • $769 (CAD) for the 128GB model

iPad Air 2 with Wi-Fi + Cellular

  • $689 (CAD) for the 16GB model
  • $799 (CAD) for the 64GB model
  • $899 (CAD) for the 128GB model.

iPad mini 3 with Wi-Fi

  • $439 (CAD) for the 16GB model
  • $549 (CAD) for the 64GB model
  • $659 (CAD) for the 128GB model

iPad mini 3 with Wi-Fi + Cellular

  • $579 (CAD) for the 16GB model
  • $689 (CAD) for the 64GB model
  • $799 (CAD) for the 128GB model

iPad Air

  • $439 (CAD) for the 16GB with Wi-Fi model
  • $489 (CAD) for the 32GB with Wi-Fi model
  • $579 (CAD) for the 16GB with Wi-Fi model + LTE
  • $629 (CAD) for the 32GB with Wi-Fi model + LTE

iPad mini 2

  • $329 (CAD) for the 16GB with Wi-Fi model
  • $379 (CAD) for the 32GB with Wi-Fi model
  • $469 (CAD) for the 16GB with Wi-Fi model + LTE
  • $519 (CAD) for the 32GB with Wi-Fi model + LTE

iPad mini

  • $279 (CAD) for the 16GB with Wi-Fi model
  • $419 (CAD) for the 16GB with Wi-Fi model + LTE


  • Mac Mekawi

    What’s up with the disappearance of the 32GB Option??
    Seems a bit silly on apple’s part!!

  • Alex

    This is ridiculous, that’s a $50 increase from last years prices, only in Canada. Our prices were already higher than the American models. Now we have to pay a $50 ‘Canadian Tax’ forget it. First the iPhone 6, now these. Apple is raking it in from us now.

  • OsbourneCox

    It’s in line with the exchange rate. CAD has weakened a lot recently.

    I don’t remember the previous prices being higher than the US models. In fact, I remember everything being equal for quite some time.

  • It’s the same thing they did with the iPhone 6, and I think it makes sense. They upped the capacity of the top two tiers because they knew many people wanted more storage capacity. But since they also know that many people are fine with 16GB, it saves money for them when building the cheaper models instead of bumping them up to an unneeded 32GB to double the whole lineup.

    If you wanted more than 16GB and would have normally gone for 32GB, you now get double that storage for the same price bump.

  • Exactly. We operate in a different currency than the US. It doesn’t cost more than it does in the US, we’re actually getting it CHEAPER than Americans are:

  • Mac Mekawi

    That’s true, I was looking at it from the other POV. instead of getting the 64, get the 32 for the same price of the 16, considering almost everything is in the cloud now.. you only need physical storage for movies and what have you.

  • Mark

    iPad Air values have absolutely tanked. I had a buyer offer me $500 two weeks ago for a 64 GB via kijiji – I listed it for $550. thought that was too low since I paid $719 for it 11 months ago and I would hold out to get my price since that inital $509 was in day 1 of listing. Just got an offer for $400 this afternoon on the same ad and haven’t got an offer in over a week, they simply don’t hold their value like iPhones.

  • Red-Beak

    This isn’t a complete list. There are still 32GB options available for the the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2, as well as 16GB/32GB cellular versions for both of these models:

    iPad Air 32 GB Wi-Fi ($489)
    iPad Air 16 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular ($579)
    iPad Air 32 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular ($489)

    iPad mini 2 – 32 GB Wi-Fi ($379)
    iPad mini 2 – 16 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular ($469)
    iPad mini 2 – 32 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular ($519)

  • Red-Beak

    Whoops! The iPad Air 32 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular should be $629, my mistake!

  • Just updated the list to add 32GB and cellular models. Apple Canada’s price list was incomplete prior to the Apple Store coming back online.

  • Salinger

    Pretty ballsy of Apple to call it the iPad mini “3”. It’d be a stretch to even call it the iPad mini 2S. Identical tech specs to last year but for touch ID.

  • Wow, you’re right. I didn’t catch that. That explains why they skimmed right by it in the keynote. The only other changes I see are that you can now get it in 128GB and/or in Gold.

  • Alex

    My employer certainty hasn’t upped my pay to offset the weakening of the dollar. In fact people have been LOSING jobs. The amount you make and the amount you pay are still just numbers, and one has changed while the other hasn’t.

  • Jabroni

    Well of course they don’t hold up when a new model comes out. That’s seems obvious. Should have sold 2 weeks ago. all about timing

  • OliChabot

    You gotta understand that Apple doesn’t give a sh*t about your employer and your salary. They won’t sell iPads to canadians cheaper than for americans, has we are a smaller market. We are actually lucky to only pay that, compared to Europe and Australia that gets scammed. In Europe, the prices for Apple products are the same, except it’s in Euros. so they basically pay 1.5 times more than us ! I really don’t care if Apple puts the prices accordingly to the US dollar, I just don’T want them to try to scam us and charge us even higher.

  • OliChabot

    True that, but if they were «fair game» they would skip the 16GB option and go straight to the 32GB, 64GB and 128GB option, since they clearly know that photos and apps are taking more and more space. What they want is clearly to force people to pay 100$ more to get the 64GB since they know people will get it by fear of not having enough space on a 16GB, though they would be completely fine with a 32GB.

  • Don’t forget, prices in Europe include tax.

  • Mark

    No replies! I listed it on Sep 9 – I’ve had every iteration of the iPad and this is the first year I’ve had almost no interest. My ad only has 75 views in over a month. There is only one other ad for an iPad Air 64 GB and it’s $50 more. The demand for iPads simply isn’t there, I’m in a city of a million people too.

  • Christopher Jones

    You could get the iPad Mini 2 in 128 before (when it was the newest model), it’s only gold and TouchID that’s new. To me, I’d rather go with the iPad 2 instead of paying a $100 premium for TouchID. What a waste of money.

    Apple has screwed themselves with this ‘new’ iPad Mini 3, because when iOS 11 in 2017, either they’re gunna claim that the iPad Mini 2 cannot ‘handle’ iOS 11 (while the iPad Mini 3 can, even though they both have the exact same stats), or they’ll drop support for the two separate generations in one iOS update, causing a lot of people to become upset with Apple. Either way, they’ve totally screwed themselves over now.

  • Actually, they are selling iPads to Canadians cheaper than they are Americans. $12 USD cheaper as of today.

  • Interesting perspective reading this sitting in an office for a non-profit organization in Uganda where many can barely afford one meal a day, and my sister just told me that charcoal, which they use to cook their food, cost 17,000 UGX per bag two years ago and now costs 50,000 UGX per bag. I guarantee you most of their wages haven’t gone up either. At least you don’t need an iPhone to survive. Count your blessings. Especially since Apple gave Canadians a bit of a break and despite our weakening dollar, priced the new iPads cheaper than what they’re charging Americans.

  • Guest

    Anyone know when the pre-order time will be?

  • Now live!

  • OliChabot

    We should then consider ourselves really lucky!