iPad Air 3 Schematic with Dimensions Leaks, Shows Smart Connector: Report


A new week and a new leak, this time yet again for the iPad Air 3, which is rumoured to be announced at a March special event. Engadget reports a 3D schematic with dimensions was sent their way from a “reliable source”:

Well, today we received an image that’s allegedly a simple dimensional drawing of the aforementioned tablet. While we’d usually dismiss such leaks, we’re siding with our reliable source on this one.

Ipad air 3 leak engadget

The schematic reveals an iPad Air 3 setup which looks to be a smaller version of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, has it shows quad speakers, a Smart Connector on the side for accessories (Smart Keyboard, Apple Pencil rumours?), plus what looks to be an LED flash underneath the iSight camera.

The dimensions show the design will be 0.05mm thicker (barely) than the iPad Air 2 and 0.1mm wider, which hints existing iPad Air 2 cases may still fit (similar to how iPhone 6 cases can fit the iPhone 6s).

The drawing looks familiar to a similar iPad Air 3 leak last week, which also revealed the same setup, but this time we get a look at the Smart Connector on the side of the device. On the weekend, we also saw an allegedly leaked iPad Air 3 case, which seemingly corroborates quad speakers, LED flash and a Smart Connector is coming to the next iPad Air.


  • Daniel Bley

    “The new iPad Pro mini”, lol!

  • Just take my money!


  • And sadly… when this one will be released, we should see a price adjustment based on the CAN$ exchange rate… 🙁

  • Chris Kim

    I’ve been using my original iPad Air as my primary device for 2.5 years now, and it’s still fantastic. It’s the right time for me to upgrade, and with quad speakers and (presumably) 2-3gb of ram, the iPad Air 3 definitely seems worth it. The question will be whether that (+ smart connector / pencil support) and the usual faster processor etc. will be enough for iPad Air 2 owners to upgrade?

  • Wall Man

    I doubt it would be worth it for Air2 owners. I just bought my wife one and have been quite happy with it. I am expecting a sizable price increase due to the low Cdn$ when the new Air3 is announced. And that is one of the other reasons I chose to purchase the Air2 now instead of waiting.