iPad Mini Has The Perfect Size For A Front End In Car Audio System [VIDEO]


The folks over at Soundwaves of Tampa, who are famous for their latest in car entertainment system installs, have installed the iPad Mini in the dash of a 2010 VW Jetta as an in car entertainment front end. They have demonstrated the integration of iPad Mini with the Sony CDX-GS600BT controlled by Sony’s App Remote (via iMore).


Those looking to get the setup in their cars will need to buy an iPad Mini, a $200 Sony system and also pay off the guys at Soundwaves for the install. The same system that can offer all of that functionality along with full GPS capabilities inbuilt in your car, would cost way more from a car manufacturer as a pre-installed option.

The iPad mini is the perfect size and fit as a front end to a top of the range car audio system […]

The iPad mini is integrated with a Sony audio system and controlled via the Sony App on the iPad mini. It is certainly a very nice system and not that expensive to put the components together. The Sony system costs around $200 and the iPad mini from $329.

Check out the system demo in the following video:


  • JS

    Yeah… Ready to rip the iPad off the dashboard in one swipe…

  • That’s if an owner is dumb enough to leave it there. It’s attached via magnets for easy removal as shown in the video.

  • HD

    Does anyone know what the average cost of something like that is to install?

  • It doesn’t seem to complex, more labour and custom fitting the iPad mini, since the Sony app does a lot of the work. I’ll fly to Miami and find out for ya.

  • Kirk

    That’s pretty cool actually.

  • Anon

    Oh, I’m pretty sure you’ll have a lot of dumb owners doing just that. This setup is a thiefs dream.

  • Kock

    Very cool

  • m7med

    wat about the aux where do we attach it

  • cfiguli

    where did you hide the radio?

  • Cherokee O’Larte

    guess you did not watch the video until the end lol