iPad Pro Orders Go Live Online in Canada and Beyond [u]


Apple’s online orders of the iPad Pro have started in Canada and other launch countries. iPad Pro is available in Silver, Space Grey or Gold in 32GB and 128GB Wi-Fi models and a 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular model, priced at $1049, $1249 and $1429 CAD respectively.

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Right now, prices for all three configuration are showing standard shipping dates of Thursday, November 19 to our address in BC, while expedited shipping will arrive by Monday, November 16. With today being Remembrance Day (Lest We Forget), that probably has extended shipping dates by one business day.

You’ll probably want iPad Pro accessories as well, which are available as follows (in CAD):

  • Apple Pencil – $129
  • iPad Pro Smart Keyboard – $229
  • iPad Pro Smart Cover – $75
  • iPad Pro Silicone Case – $99
  • Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard – $164.95
Which iPad Pro configuration did you order, and with what accessories? If you want the device faster, it is expected to launch this week in Apple Stores and retail partners.
Update: Some Apple Stores already have iPad Pro models in stock, such as the Dix30 location in Quebec, but the Apple Pencil was not available. Best to call your local Apple Store.


  • MGSayah

    An iPad Pro selling for more than a MacBook… Where do we draw the limit of the ridiculous?

  • Well, Tim Cook says there’s no need to own a PC anymore with iPad Pro 🙂 Make sure you get the accessories too. AppleCare as well 😀

  • Jason Thomson

    I’m a creative professional — and I am VERY excited to get my hands on one of these.

  • Frédéric Briand

    They are available in store now FYI

  • Corey Beazer

    I could see within two years me transitioning from my Macbook Pro & iPad 2 to a iMac and a iPad Pro… iPad Pro would pick up the slack of things I do away from my desk with the laptop.

  • Parksy

    I’m skipping this. Just got a new iPad Air 2 in the summer (replacing an old iPad 2). I’m curious to see where this heads though….

  • KIII

    No need to own a Cintiq either. If anyone has considered wait for Wacom to release the next year models if you want that line. They have never had competition from all these other companies so will be forced to improve there game.

    Didn’t jump on the Apple care, can it be added after shipped? Looks to deliver on monday so the 3 week wait for the pencil is going to be largely frustrating.

  • Land o Lakes

    In stock at Masonville in London ON

  • Jason Thomson

    Anybody see these on shelves in Newmarket?

  • Adam Jefferson

    No units at Square One in Mississauga – so success at stores may vary. First delivery estimates to Greater Toronto were showing delivers by Nov 19 – that was very early this morning. Later on in the morning, they were showing Monday Nov 16.

  • Jason Thomson

    I got my hands on a Space Gray 128 GB Cellular model from the Newmarket store — but the lineup was getting longer by 3:30. No Pencil in stock, nor the keyboard.

    I have to admit, after having tried the keyboard I was pretty disappointed. For that price, it feels very flimsy. As you type on it, the iPad Pro rattles a fair bit.

    Best surprise (besides the device itself) is AppleCare. At $99, it’s an absolute steal. Replacement of device (twice) for $49 – includes water damage or screen break.

  • aaloo

    canadian dollar is ridiculous. its killing us. same iPad pro is going for 799 in US, 1049 in canada.

  • Stephen C. Holtzman

    Ordered mine online at 7:00am, iPad Pro Space Grey (Black) 128 GB with WiFi and Cellular, Logitech Keyboard and Pencil. Ipad shipped arrive on Friday… KeyBoard prepared for Shipping, meaning Monday I should have it and the Pencil.. 1-2 weeks