Microsoft Releases Office For iPad, Available Today at 11am PT


Microsoft has just unveiled Office for iPad at its press event in San Francisco, with the app going live for download later today in the App store at 11am Pacific Time. According to TechCrunch, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iPad will initially be available for download.

Office logo

Below are some screenshots of the app:

2014 03 27 1015

2014 03 27 1014

Office for iPad applications are built atop of OneDrive, which means they will support cloud storage and also allow for real-time collaboration with up to 5 users. Users who have an Office 365 subscription can also edit, but others can only download and view the document files. Microsoft offers Office 365 subscriptions at $6.99 per month for a personal plan and $9.99 for the Home Premium version, which allows users to install Office on up to 5 computers.

Announcing support for Apple’s best selling tablet surely marks an important moment for Microsoft and its Office platform strategy, don’t you think?

Update: Below are the App Store links for Office for iPad:


  • Chris Zhu

    I think it’ll be more attractive to lots more if it doesn’t require a subscription.

  • iFone

    This will only be used by iPads on the Enterprise, and or legacy iPads. That’s it. The average Joe will not use this when iWork is already FREE with the purchase of any new Apple product!

  • andrez1

    Not sure why they think I would pay a recurring charge to edit documents. I can already do that. #FAIL

  • rrosales

    Nice! I installed all 4 apps and I got full version — we have a 365 subscription at work.

  • Cool!

  • ksto

    Anyone else not able to see it in the app store in Canada

  • Stefan

    Except that not all average Joe’s have Macs and if they want to export something from Pages to PC Word it’ll look like crap.