Rumour: Lighter, Thinner 5th Generation iPad to Debut in March 2013


Japanese Apple site Macotakara claims its sources note a fifth generation iPad could be coming in March 2013, that will be lighter and thinner, taking design cues from the iPad mini:

However Chinese news ZOL (CBS Interactive) reported next iPad mini in AppleInsider’s article, according to my inside source, iPad(5th) may be released in March, 2013.

Source told that, design of this new iPad will be like iPad mini in detail, and be thinner and lightweight.

Apple released its 4th generation iPad at the same time as the iPad mini in October. Last month, Digitimes claimed Apple would launch another iPad “around the middle of 2013,” along with a new iPhone. Apple formerly released new iPads in the Spring, but that changed this year. Too soon for a new iPad in March?


  • Kirk

    Uhh… Yes!! Toooo soon!!

  • Olley

    so by next Thanksgiving, we’ll be seeing iPad 14?

  • Pretty much 😉

  • Gear head

    If Apple does start spitting them out that quick i would stop buyin apple gear right then and there forever. They already screwed up BIGTIME with the ipad 3/4 fiasco.

  • It’ll just make it normal for many people to skip a few generations unlike before when many people would buy every single product apple released.

  • anon

    A new release every 6 months is ok, just as long as they keep the same form factor to stay compatible with accessories for a couple of years. I’d rather have a new updated phone / ipad for half a year, than to be stuck with an old one for a full year.

  • anon

    No you won’t. You’ll still keep buying them.

  • Kc

    No way !!! ,, what the heck, I just bought my ipad 4 in November, and now it might come out the 5th on march of next year!! Apple, you guys are going down quick that way,, now none of your products last for a year!! I’ll just stop buying apple products for now on

  • alexboot

    6-month new iPad cycle gives customers better choice, faster delivery of new features. Also note that competitors are not waiting … It’s up to every individual to decide whether new generation iPad features worth the purchase or better to skip and wait till the next one.

  • Chris

    This doesn’t make your iPad 4 obsolete. Bringing customers the latest technology as fast as they can is the only way to keep the competition from gaining more ground. Right now, Apple is the only company I can think of that has a yearly schedule. The release dates are predicable and with the online leaks the “announcements” are no where near as exciting as they once were.

  • I agree

  • Londonfish

    A 9.7″ but light and thin as a Mini is what I have been waiting for, never had an iPad so my patience would be paid off. Newer better version will come out for sure, you buy bcoz you want it at that moment, and you couldn’t wait so don’t blame Apple.

  • Tom

    More releases is better. The iPad is getting old. Can’t wait for the iPad Mini 2 with Retina!