Apple Official Confirms The iPhone 3GS Has Been Discontinued


AllThingsD is reporting that Apple has now confirmed the discontinuation of the iPhone 3GS. It was first launched in 2009 and has been the free option since the launch of the iPhone 4S. With 3GS gone, the iPhone 4 will now become Apple’s new entry-level offering.

Launched in June of 2009, Apple’s iPhone 3GS has had a good long run. But with the iPhone 5 set to arrive in a little over a week, that run has come to an end. Apple is discontinuing the 3GS, a company spokesperson confirmed to AllThingsD.

For those who still own an iPhone 3GS and plan to hold on to it for a little longer, don’t lose heart because the upcoming iOS 6 is still coming to the device, though the phone does not have the capabilities to utilize all of the features.

– R.I.P. iPhone 3GS [2009-2012]



  • – Darth Vader

  • *sniff* my phone needs a hug

  • Dezimieren

    I will miss my 3GS dearly. It was a champ. But the time has come to move on to the iPhone 5.

  • kyuusei

    My 3GS is so waiting to bite the dust.