Asymco Estimates Apple Will Sell 6 Million iPhone 5s During Launch Weekend


Over the course of the past few weeks we have provided you with estimates of what the iPhone 5 would sell during its opening weekend. Mainly, analysts had estimated anywhere between 5 and 6 million devices. Now that the iPhone 5 has been confirmed, those estimates are still holding strong. We knew what the iPhone 5 was to consist of months before the announcement, so there isn’t really a reasoning for them to change.

Asymco just announced their projected estimate for the iPhone 5 opening weekend sales, believing the Cupertino company will sell 6 million devices. The firm backed up their estimates with claims that you can read below:

The performance of the 5 in the first weekend should be better on a volume basis simply because there are more existing customers who wish to upgrade and because there are more initial and significant launch countries.

The 4S launched with an average of 1.3 million units per day but 191k units/day/country. The 4 launched with 113k units/day/country. If we assume that the 5 can capture 220k units/day/country we reach 2 million units/day for this launch footprint and a total of about 6 million units for the launch weekend.

The iPhone 4S initially launched in seven countries while the 5 will launch in nine during the weekend of the 21st. Apple has added Singapore and Hong Kong to their list of countries.

On the chart located above, the iPhone 4S sold around 1.3 million units per day over the opening weekend and the iPhone 5 is expected to top that by around 700,000 each day.

As I predicted during a past post, I estimate Apple sells 6.5 million devices during the opening weekend.


  • Do you have any advice on whether one should go to a store in person or buy online? I’m planning to preorder an iPhone 5 through Bell Mobility tomorrow, and just wondered what other people are planning to do?

  • swotam

    It depends on how badly you want the phone on launch day. If you pre-order from Bell you will get one eventually, you just won’t know when until you get the email from them telling you it’s ready for pick up. If you go to the Apple Store you’ll have to line up for a long time (i.e. many hours) but will get the phone at the end of it all. Just make sure you know what your eligibility is like for HW upgrades so you know what you’ll end up paying.

  • We don’t have an Apple Store in Halifax, so that won’t work for me, but it’s great info 🙂 I’ll probably go to the Bell store tomorrow and see what’s up. Thank you!

  • swotam

    Apple seems to think there’s a store in Halifax 🙂