iPhone 5 Carrier Upgrade Price in Canada: $179.95 on a 3 Year Term [Update]


Looks like Bell is the first of the ‘Big 3’ to release their carrier upgrade pricing for the iPhone 5. As noted on their website, the 16GB iPhone 5 will cost $179.95 on a three year contract. It’s most likely Rogers and Telus will also have the same pricing scheme.

Check out the image below:

This is a $20 price increase compared to last year’s iPhone 4S upgrade pricing, which we can only assume the increase is based on increased component costs for the new iPhone. Last year’s pricing:

16GB – $159
32GB – $269
64GB – $369

This year’s iPhone 5 carrier upgrade pricing, if following the same formula from above:

16GB – $179.95
32GB – $279.95 (see update 2 below)
64GB – $379.95 (see update 2 below)

Bell has already confirmed with us pre-orders will take place online and in-store on September 14th. We’ll update this post to keep things simple as more carriers officially reveal their pricing.

Thanks @iOlivier!

Update (7:43pm PDT): Telus has a pre-order link up but it’s not live yet.

Update 2 (12:37AM PDT): Telus iPhone 5 pre-orders just revealed 32GB/64GB pricing at $279/379.


  • Jibbs

    This may sound funny but that extra $20 is enough to get me to get off the fence. No, pre -ordering for me.

  • aRhyno

    US prices stayed the same eh ? and we get nailed. i can think of a word that starts with a F and ends with ers. lol

  • Sergio

    We get stuck for an extra year contract more than the states and the phone still costs 179?KEEP IT.

  • Saberon

    At least it wasn’t a $50 increase like the unlocked prices.

    I’m still on the fence about unlocked vs contract

    Upgrade= $156+$35 admin+$290=$481- cost of selling iPhone 4….3 year renewal
    Unlocked= $799 + $10 Nano sim=$809-Cost of selling iPhone 4 …no renewal, contract free Sep 2013

    So $328 I’d save if I signed another 3 year..hmm…I’m leaning towards unlocked

  • Rob

    IF I was going to get one I’d drive over the boarder and pay 50$ less and only pay 6% taxes

  • CDN Sucker

    You know what they say about assuming… as aRhyno says, US prices stayed the same so lets call the increase what it is – greed. Maybe Rogers or Telus will surprise us…lol.

  • Jayshawn


  • Hyperextension

    FYI for you Bell folks out there. This sucks if you are an existing customer. #iPhone5 pre-sale starts tomorrow, 6AM EST! In-store for existing customers, online/in-store for new customers:


  • Martin

    You’d still be paying quite a bit more than someone purchasing one as an upgrade through their carrier……

  • Iman

    And about unlock price ???

  • Martin

    Why are so many people afraid of contracts? They’re awesome if you negotiate a decent price.

  • draz

    Already paying at least $50/mo to use it…. Can’t afford $20?

  • LondonFish

    Not gonna extend my 3yr contract with Telus, when it runs out, will get an unlocked one from Apple and sign with Fido with cheaper plans as my friend is enjoying.

  • kyuusei


  • kyuusei

    Increased component costs? I’m sure the 4 had increased component costs over the 3GS, and the 4S also over the 4….

    Blah. At least it’s 20 bucks and not like, 50 (like the unlocked ones).

  • Saberon

    I’m not “afraid” of contracts, I just don’t like knowing I’m tied down to a 36 month commitment. Plus, for travel to the USA which I do about 3 times a year I can grab a prepaid ATT SIM. Also, resale value is better because of the factory unlock. Im hoping Rogers will do a discount for unlocked phones like bell does so I may be able to make the unlocked phone cheaper over time vs contracted.

  • Jibbs

    $60/mo. Its not the money. It’s the principle. I’ll get it one day. I have a 4. So a 4s upgrade might be the way to go for me.
    $0 soon?

  • Nafizur

    wait. so if i have a 4s from bell, i can upgrade for 179?

  • ????Dennis

    Yeah they are going to surprise with a $30 activation fee!

  • Go online and check if you’re eligible for an upgrade.

  • Pete

    I just talked to Rogers on the phone. Lady said the 16gb on 3 year contract is $199. She was an absolute moron, trying to justify with me that the Roger’s cost on the phone is higher this year than Bell. Bell’s website officially says $179. If this is the case, that is $40 more dollars than last year. I will be calling retention to receive a credit of the difference if Bell is selling the phone for less than Rogers. I’m also not paying the $35 activation fee, it is ridiculous. $143 early upgrade + $299(32gb) supposedly + tax + $35 activation fee = $515 – old iPhone 4 32gb – It’s ridiculous. I miss the old days of no early upgrade fee. Too bad they caught on. I used to sign a new 3 year contract every year for the iPhone, selling the old one and making a PROFIT! Bummer

  • JayC

    funkers? I think I’m way off..

  • Because fuel is so cheap these days

  • bradg17


  • T33BS

    $50? Get out of here…

  • kat

    Rogers just quoted me $329 for a 32GB iphone 5 … wth why are they so much higher than everyone else?

  • lucas

    and if I cancel the plan before 3 years?

  • You pay back the subsidy