iPhone 5 Orders Include a Free Lightning to 30-pin Adapter in the Box [Update]


Apple’s iPhone 5 event announced the elimination of the classic 30-pin adapter and introduced the 80 percent smaller Lightning connector. Tonight’s iPhone 5 pre-orders revealed Apple looks to include one of these adapters for free with the iPhone 5. It regularly retails for $35 CDN (or $29 US) on Apple’s website, but during the checkout, here’s what the description reads under the accessories section:

Additional Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

“Your iPhone includes a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter for connecting 30-pin accessories to devices featuring the Lightning connector. Purchase this additional adapter to have a second adapter for your home or office.”

This could be a typo, but the wording sounds pretty legitimate. Also note the pricing is $45 listed for the adapter.

Apple’s own description of ‘what’s inside the box’ doesn’t mention the addition the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter:

Did you see this during checkout? We’ll find out when our iPhone 5 shipments arrive. It could just be another ‘surprise and delight’ moment from Apple.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Update: turns out this isn’t true and was a typo. The text has soon changed.


  • Ex

    The $45 price and the photo beside the price are inconsistent. The photo is the $35 adapter. If that was a mistake made, the included adapter could also be an error. Maybe Apple can clarify for us.
    However the “what’s in the box” also does not list the EarPod travel case which is listed under the Tech Specs for the iPhone 5.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Will our existing iPhone power supplies work with the new cables?

  • Ex

    Most likely. The end of the new power cable is still USB so hopefully the power adapter has not changed.

  • rhodz_99

    I pre-order mine around 3:30am, 16gb white + apple care. shipping in two weeks. Did not notice about this 30 pin adapter. I saw the $45 price then on the next page its $35. It did not ask about what cellular carrier am using, so i assume.. I have to go to the nearest telus for the new sim.

  • MacChap

    Apple Business sales UK have confirmed this is an error on the store website (which seems to be present in all countries). There is NO adapter in the box!

  • Shane

    35th in line for a while 64GB order on line with rogers with the reserve option. Hopefully I will get it first day or first week I will be just as happy.

  • James Hayes

    This is an error, the lightning to 30 pin connector is an additional accessory.

  • swotam

    The Apple Store no longer lists this when you try to pre-order, you just get the option to purchase the adapter for $35, so it looks like this was an error.

    Now the question is, will they make good on it for people who thought they would get one?

  • the damn well better be providing at least 1 adapter.

  • Ex

    Not a chance

  • it was not a typo, it was an error.. Apple should credit pre-orders to this point with a free adapter.

  • TinaJane

    I have been a loyal Apple customer and everything in my house has the 30 pin… I will need more than one adapter as I really don’t want to tote one all over the house and in my car…. for them not to include the first one on them is crooked!!!! Instead of upgrading my iPhone 4 to 5… makes me want to look for other options out there!!!
    Bad form APPLE!!!

  • is a bumper / case included ?

  • Bumper doesn’t exist anymore.

  • gerry

    Not like I’d need it but I wouldn’t be surprised if they included the adapter with the phone. Will have to wait and see.

  • Chris Burke

    It’s a matter of time (if not already) before you can get a aftermarket version from hong kong for $1 free shipping.. This is what I do with ALL my adopters, and they work PERFECT.. Quit complaining wait a couple weeks a get one, heck get 10 for all your docks and products, on eBay when an aftermarket company starts selling them..

  • Chris Burke

    As suspected, there are already some on eBay.. They aren’t $1 yet, but they are cheaper than Apple