Rogers, Bell Price Match TELUS iPhone 5 Prices on 32GB, 64GB Models


The iPhone 5 price wars are officially on from TELUS, Bell and Rogers. The latter first launched a sale on 16GB and 32GB models, $99 and $199 on three year terms respectively. Yesterday, Bell and TELUS responded by price matching Rogers but the latter went one step further and discounted 32GB and 64GB models to $149 and $199 on three terms.

Today, not to be outdone, Bell and Rogers have price matched the 32GB and 64GB model prices offered by TELUS, as noted on their websites:

Screen Shot 2013 03 07 at 11 34 47 AM

Screen Shot 2013 03 07 at 11 34 56 AM

Screen Shot 2013 03 07 at 11 36 05 AM Screen Shot 2013 03 07 at 11 36 11 AM

If you haven’t jumped on the iPhone 5 and are into subsidies in exchange for signing three year contracts, these are some pretty hot deals on the latest smartphone from Apple. With rumours of an iPhone 5S launch this summer, these discounts seem to corroborate new iPhone hardware is coming sooner rather than later.

Thanks EC!


  • kenchernoff

    I just renewed my plan with the $229 iPhone 5 promo five days ago. Think they’ll do a price match?

  • Yes call in and ask!

  • kenchernoff

    Just called and they were happy to match! I just wish I had known ahead of time, I would have gotten the 64GB model. haha

  • Fiancee just updated last week to the iphone 5 64GB on rogers, I’ll update after I get off the phone with them.

  • You still can get a refund if you haven’t used 30 minutes of voice yet.

  • they opened a case and said they would honour it regardless!

  • Awesome 🙂

  • simon

    i still have an iphone 3gs but i going wait till july augest for new iphone,these fire sales are good because u know next launch will be sooner than later

  • order before easter iphone 5 1 32 gb 1 64 gb from bell at the source in waterdown. at the prices listed $149 and $199 still no phones and told price is up at $239 and $279 any help out there?