Rogers/Fido iPhone 5 Reservations to Start Between 6AM-7AM EDT on Sept. 14 [Update]


According to a tweet by @FidoSolutions, the reservations system should go live between 6-7AM EDT on Friday (Thanks @PeterLisi!). Expect Rogers to also have this start time as well.

Rogers and Fido customers can reserve the iPhone 5 by accessing their online MyAccount. There will be a $40 deposit required, and do note there’s no guarantee you’ll get a unit by launch day. It just holds a phone for you as Rogers/Fido receives them. Getting ahold of ample stock from Apple has been the barrier for Rogers in selling the iPhone, as formerly noted by their CEO Nadir Mohammed.

As for pricing, earlier Bell revealed 16GB iPhone 5 units will sell for $179.95 on a three year term. We’re assuming the 32/64GB models will sell for $289/$389 respectively.

Other ways to reserve carrier upgrade phones would be at Future Shop and Best Buy, as they did this for the iPhone 4S last year. However, they have not officially announced anything yet. We’ve contacted Future Shop for clarification and will let you know if anything changes.

Update (12:34AM PDT): Telus iPhone 5 pre-orders went live, and revealed new pricing for 32/64GB models at $279/$379.

Update 2 (Sept. 18th, 12:15pm PDT): Rogers iPhone 5 pre-orders have started to ship (thanks @pixe):


  • Jack

    Could you call them (rogers), go to the store, or pre-order the iPhone online or do you have to use the reservation system?

  • Fido reservation system hasn’t been working for me for a while, I really hope it does in the morning!

  • Online.

  • DoctorT

    Do you know if you could order one through retentions, like they did with the 4?

  • kyuusei

    Trying to decide between doing this and just… going to Apple. I have to upgrade (Rogers), but last year the 4S took a couple of weeks even for people at the top of the reservation list??

    If only I had more patience…

  • Kevin1Knight

    wonder if there will be early upgrade where you just renew your 3 year contract or like last year where they didn’t allow any upgrade and you might as well pay for an unlocked one at the apple store.

  • magimat

    sorry for the question, but what’s retention?

  • I believe so

  • DoctorT

    It’s the loyalty department. Has more power than normal csr’s to do things

  • DoctorT

    So they should have a separate stock then (I hope)

  • Phil

    FYI : Bell reservation will be up at 8 AM EST. It’s web, phone and in-store for new and existing customers.

  • Ryan Bast

    When do you think we should call if we were to do it this way?

  • Is there any way to get a 2 year contract from Bell? I’m an international student in my first year, so a 3 year contract would be extremely inconvenient as I’m not 100% sure if I will remain in Canada after graduation.

  • alamarco

    Thanks for the information Gary. Was looking for this information all day.

    I’m with Rogers and want to try getting one in before work. Not sure how successful I’ll be considering it takes forever to get into your account today and it’s not even pre-order time. I have a feeling the website is going to crash.

  • Phil

    Forget it. Another rep told me this : “Upgrades are not available online or via Consumer Direct Sales support”. So it’s in-store only boyz !

  • Madcatz

    wow I can’t believe how slow the Rogers website is tonight. How will it even function tomorrow morning lol

  • draz

    Yea it’s going to be pretty fun tomorrow morning starting at around 5:30am.

    Good on Rogers for making the pre-orders start right when it’s time to get up, I can now make breakfast and watch the screen at the same time. LOL

  • DaBes

    3AM ET for Telus

  • shannb

    Are they doing reservation only or will there be iPhones at Rogers stores on the 21st??

  • Pete

    Rogers is a joke. Their customer service and sales department is pathetic. You can barely understand any of their staff. I called 4 times tonight because I kept hearing different information. 1st lady – reservation system starts on the 21st you can call in, go in store or go online. 2nd guy – reservation system online starts SATURDAY 15th hahah moron – 3rd lady – we’ll mail the phone to your house – 4th lady – Online reservation system commences 14th at 6am. Stuff like this makes me want to leave Rogers so bad.

  • Any link or source to confirm?

  • Bell PR told me via email reservations are online and in-store.

  • Let’s pray for uptime.

  • I applaud your patience. I cannot call into Rogers anymore as I can’t take it anymore. My sanity is worth more than that.

  • Skylar

    thanks! This also listed on their twitter page.

  • I have a retention plan under 50$ with Fido. The rep. says I can’t pre-order unless I increase my plan above 50$ Any thoughts?

  • Thanks for this guy posted.

  • Doug

    Up your plan then change it back afterward.

  • mechkobe

    If I’m only almost 2 years into my contract (I bought my iPhone 4 in November 2010), I suppose that I will have to pay full price the phone if I make a reservation and I won’t be able to upgrade until I’m in 2 years and half into my contract, am I right ?

  • Michel

    Is there any way for a current Rogers customer (TV, Internet & Home Phone) to access the Reservation without having a wireless account?

  • No, a Rogers MyAccount is required.

  • Michel

    I have a MyRogers account, just no wireless plan on it. I do have a TV plan, a High speed internet Plan & a Home phone plan though.

    Still, no? πŸ˜›

  • Well the ‘reserve’ button shows under the wireless area for existing accounts, maybe it could be there for you πŸ™‚

  • Michel

    Yeah, does not look promising. Guess my only option will to pre-order tomorrow during the day, or stand in line next friday morning…

  • Madcatz

    Assuming you r with Rogers. The answer is no. U will have to pay $13 / month left in ur contract. So if u r 2 years in you will have to pay$156 for an early upgrade + a $35 service fee

  • Allen

    I don’t know if it will do the same for Rogers. Im a fido customer and I still have 8 months of contract left. I called customer service earlier today and they told me I had to pay $200 early cancellation fee if I wanna do upgrade now. Then I told them I was only 3 months earlier than the early renewal date ( 6 months prior). And after a while, the rep reduced the fee to $45 and also say they will credit me $25 back once I get the iPhone. They gave me a reference code and told me to provide this code at retail store when picking up my iPhone. Maybe you should try calling Rogers customer service

  • draz

    Rogers went live early!

  • kabsalsa

    Rogers is up and running.

  • ughh

    were u successfully able to reserve it? im getting an error msg

  • Madcatz

    Rogers is live now!!!!

  • Helvetica

    Fido lied. Fido’s pre-orders were already live when I woke up at 5:45am EDT. Reserved Black 16GB and was number 58 in line.

  • Joe

    Same as Rogers. I’m 188 and reserved at 5:54

  • Fido is live for quite some time now, but only 16GB model available???

  • Via

    Victoria BC I was able to reserve w Rogers 16GB black, I’m number 95 πŸ˜€

  • Anthony

    Same here with Fido. I checked at about 5:45 and got number 44 for Black 16GB.
    I’m not sure if my number in line is in relation to the pickup store or it will be number 45 phone to ship from Fido.

  • ball

    I am 49 on fido , but they only have 16GB black or white?
    anyone able to reserve 32GB before me?
    they don’t even have 50 32GB for reserve in Canada?
    or Fido only have 16GB?
    please post result.

  • Neil

    fido only allowed me to reserve a 16gb white iphone 5 when i wanted a 64gb. can i still get a 64 if one is available when i pick up even though i reserved a 16gb through the reservation system?

  • MR. Kanda

    Call me MR 27, 32, 34

  • Hudes

    This is BS I’m at fido website and it only has 16 gig iphone5 for ore order

    I waited all night anyone else have this problem?

    I even checke 545 am when it allowed to begin reserve

  • Neil

    i had the same problem!!

  • ultra_book

    just made my reservation and im 259 on their list πŸ˜€ but i think now the reservation is done

  • j0sh

    i got position 295 at 5:59 at rogers 32 GB black

  • So if I use the reservation system it just means I get it within 2 weeks? Standing in line actually sounds better then this doesnt it?

  • Neil

    has anyone been able to order a 32gb or 64gb iphone 5 from fido?

  • Looks like less people are ordering white ones. I got the 64gb white and I’m number 86 (I was 87, just logged back in and got 86, someone must have cancelled theirs)

  • No, only the 16GB models are available for the past hour…

  • draz

    Looks like Fido dropped the ball. Rogers has all sizes and colors for reservation.

  • matt

    reserved a 32GB black with rogers, any ideas on how many phones they’ll get in the first shipment?

  • ball

    I have check few post, seem fido only have 16gb,
    rogers and other carrier have 32gb…
    anyone got 32gb with fido?
    since i got no choice , i reserve a 16GB anyway, i am number 49 in line.

  • Alex

    Ok so fido only have 16? I ordered one because I don’t really care even tho I’d for sure prefer the 32… Does your place in the line changes if you change store?

  • Neil

    ya i had to reserve at 16gb at fido, that sucks big time!

  • Neil

    why does fido blow so hard

  • Neil

    wowww! im so pissed!

  • Tyler

    I’m number 256 with Rogers. Is that my number out of the entire country, city or what? Does anyone know?

  • If I use the reservation system then decide to lineup on launch day to get one will they refund my reservation fee?

  • nasa25

    hey I’m 96 for 16gb black!

  • snayk

    Only 16gb models are available thru Fido reservations at the moment! I am not pleased.

  • Neil

    fido has really disappointed me today!

  • draz

    Entire country. So it depends on what device color and size you picked, and it might depend on the store too as some stores get more devices.

  • draz

    You should meet up!

  • Neil

    im not sure, im hoping that when i go pick up my 16gb i can get a 32gb or 64gb!

  • Jayboy

    The “reserve” button isn’t clicking!!!! For the past half hour!!!??

  • number 266 for a black 64GB! heard that was a national number, so I think I have a decent shot of getting it at launch!

  • draz

    When the store calls you tell them you don’t want it. Or you can go online to your account and cancel the order too. You will get the deposit back.

  • Jayboy

    on rogers that is…….

  • draz

    Try another browser maybe?

  • Neil

    what carriers are you all reserving 32gb and 64gb iphone 5’s from? Fido seems to only be allowing 16gb reservations.

  • ballchai

    i check other post for 32gb is only rogers .
    i think we are screw with fido,
    i am calling them up later.
    let go back to sleep, seem we are wasting time here….

  • draz

    You can still stand in line if you want it on launch day. I plan on doing this even though I got a decent number at 5:40am. I just want to be sure I get it next Friday LOL

  • waverate

    #739 with Rogers Ottawa. 32GB Black.

  • avonord

    I got this πŸ™

    Sorry, but we cannot process your request at this time. It could be due to one of the following reasons:β€’ You are not eligible to use the reservation system; you must have an existing wireless device and receive a monthly bill from Rogers.β€’ You are eligible, but we are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.Thank you.

  • drkpassengr

    me too! for the last 45 minutes with Rogers, trying to reserve 32gb white…anyone else getting this?

  • yearoftherat

    Tried signing in but”MyRogers is undergoing maintenance”…

  • avonord

    Maybe something to do with the way our account is set up???

  • Ynik

    64Gb black and I’m 387…. Pretty impressive for 32 minutes after the opening!

  • draz

    See the grey Reserve button where the iPhone is? Click that

  • avonord

    cuz it’s buggy! It ain’t working for me. πŸ™

  • avonord

    I didn’t see that button for the first 15 minutes. Who the hell thought of using a grey button? Grey=disabled!!!!

  • cjaxx

    Hopefully they’re distributed to the different stores according to ranking.

  • Hudes

    If i order 16 from FIDO by refuse to take it unless they change it to 32 will that work? ive already sent 3 emails!

  • Ynik

    Weird it had working really great for me…. Not wait, not bug at all

  • draz

    16gb is what the store will get with your name on it. If you want a different size then line up on launch day.

  • Neil

    I’m hoping that when I got pick up my reserved 16gb, I will be able to switch it to a 32gb or 64gb on the spot

  • cjaxx

    Anyone figure out if the ranking is by store or nationally? I’m 126. Is that out of all reservations or is that out of the white 32GBs?

  • draz

    The “iPhone 5 Coming Soon” ad that all carriers show on their website has a grey button for Learn More. Looks like Rogers was just going along with that same colour layout… Sneaky

  • Hudes

    well i’ll explain to them that they’ve lost a customer if that’s the case, and who knows.. call one of those cheesy lawyers and sue them for false advertisement or pain and suffering .. something!.. telling me it would be available and it wasn’t pssstt.. lol

  • snayk

    So freaking annoyed with Fidio

  • kabsalsa

    I was able to get through easily–number 12 for white 32 gb

  • draz

    Nationally. You have a good chance to get it on launch day.But to be certain that you do get it on launch day still line up early.

  • Hudes

    i pre ordered this 16.. if they dont change it to 32 when i get there, fido can kiss this dog goodbye

  • Hudes

    also afraid to cancel pre order and see if 32 is there cause i dont wanna lose my space.. so emailed them and explained.. hopefully that worked

  • draz

    E-mail? Start tweeting, you will get a much faster response.

  • Hudes

    i cant fit what i gotta say in 140 homie

  • cjaxx

    I thought the whole point of this was so that people wouldn’t have to line up all night. If they have too many reserved phones to distribute, they shouldn’t have any left for the stores Friday morning.

  • Cristianrex

    I got 643 on Rogers 6:11 am EDT iPhone 5 32 GB Black.
    Last year was long to have the phone. 1 week later phone was available on store for pick up!!!

  • GoJets!

    Very upset with Fido right now I specifically got up early to reserve a 64GB iphone 5 with them and they only have the the stupid 16GB models available for reservation. Not impressed with them the retentions person that I get on the line is going to get an earful from me.

  • Helvetica

    The reservation numbers are not localized to the store you reserved it at. You have the 45th reservation for that model Canada-wide. You will get a call launch day, if it goes like last year.

  • Neil

    Same here buddy, I woke up at 3am then at 6, for a 64gb or at the least at 32gb, fido must rectify this.

  • draz

    Imo… It’s more for people who don’t care about waiting a couple days (or weeks if your behind) to get the phone. If you want it on launch day you should still line up. I think Bell might be doing what you want with their in-store pre-ordering (not totally sure on this though)

  • Fido’s answer on Twitter: ”
    Based on customer feedback & preference we added the most popular version to our lineup. Select a plan & woof you’re good to go”. Good job at frustrating your customers Fido…

  • Neil

    So does that mean fido will only be carrying 16gb iPhone 5’s?

  • Hopefully not, as they will loose MANY customers…

  • Same here. Its outrageous… Fido could have mention in advance that only the “most popular” 16Gb will be available for reservations, so I would not bother

  • eQUIV

    Can’t even preorder the 16GB through Fido (White or Black). I get an error ”
    Sorry, but we cannot process your request at this time. It could be due to one of the following reasons:
    β€’ You are not eligible to use the reservation system; you must have an existing wireless device and receive a monthly bill from Rogers.
    β€’ You are eligible, but we are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.
    Thank you.”

    Anyone else getting this?

  • FragilityG4

    I’m 112 for a 64GB White @ 6.12am … Can’t wait!

  • Neil

    Probably just an overload

  • Neil

    Ridiculous is all I can say.

  • Naveen

    Rogers iPhone 5 64GB Black, Position 669

    Purchase an iP4 32GB opening day and I have NO early upgrade fees.

    Hope this helps

  • been getting this on rogers since before 6. The site is in perpetual maintenance. Tried different browsers and computers.

    I guess I just saved 40 bucks.

  • Dustin

    How do you have no early upgrade fees? Retentions?

  • Naveen

    Couldn’t tell you. I have been a customer in good standing for years, it could be that (though I didn’t have to talk to customer care and argue about it). I called in yesterday and got the usual speech about how I needed to be ~150$. Called in today and they said I am eligible with no fee.

    I remember when the previous iPhones came out they had special promotions for hardware upgrade regarding the iPhone. I’m assuming this is one of them

  • Martin

    #252 for 32GB White with Rogers @ ~6:20 AM

  • Neil

    Any new information on fido’s 16gb only reservation

  • nlhn

    @disqus_cnIVtKlELs:disqus Looks like Fido’s only selling the 16GBs so far πŸ™

  • Mr. 12

    I am Fido 320 @ 7:10am

  • Neil

    My iPhone 4 is 32gb I won’t be satisfied if my iPhone 5 is a lacking 16gb

  • Dustin

    Hmm, you called today? What department? Sales(#3) or “Other Inquiries” (#4)? Going to try that now myself…

  • MNZ

    I had no issues with my two Fido reservations, I’m number 68 and 100 in line. Got this done at about 6:05 am.

  • Roby145

    Hey! I pre-ordered the i5 on Rogers today. Yesterday I went on their website and i clicked on check upgrade elibigility and it said that I can upgrade to the 4s for 149 which means that i should be able to get this phone at the $179 price point right? But i am only 2 years and 2 months into my contract so what is happening? Any help would be appreciated thanks

  • Neil

    Did you reserve at 32gb or 64gb from fido?

  • Ben

    check the iPhone page on Fido. It is obvious that they are going to offer only the 16GB version iphone 5 at launch!

  • Ben
  • I’m number 63 in line for the 16GBblack… I dont need more, already have a 32GB iPad. 16Gb is enough and with LTE and everything becoming streaming, no need to stress!

  • draz

    If it did not list an early upgrade price then it’s $179 + $35 (admin fee)

  • Neil

    Spoke to fido this morning. They told me that they do not have any other information then what is on the reservation system
    Until the launch date of September 21

  • swotam

    The phone that is sent to the store is the size you reserved, not something larger. If the store happens to have a larger size they will sell it to you, but if not you can just cancel and get it later.

    Based on my experience with the Fido reservation system, you’re better off just going to a Firo store or partner store on launch day.

  • Yes….SUPER stupid!!

  • Amen to that…

  • swotam

    From what I can see, Fido has intentionally only made the 16GB iPhone 5 available for pre-order. They claim “Based on customer feedback & preference we added the most popular version to our lineup” which seems pretty stupid when you think about it since they’re excluding everyone who doesn’t want the 16GB model.

    I suspect they either can’t get sufficient stock of the larger models and will only have them in store, or they’re just being obtuse which is just as likely.

    IMO, if you want a Fido-locked iPhone on launch day, go to one of their partner stores and get it there. If you’re early enough you’ll probably be in and out in a few minutes. Last year I did this for the 4S launch. I went to Wireless Wave in Brookfield Place (Toronto) at 8:00 am and was in and out in 10 minutes with zero line. Not all stores are swamped.

  • Quidity

    I got 33 for the 64GB Black when I ordered it at 2:38AM PST. Had no idea when they were going to be available with Rogers so I just kept checking. Glad I sacrificed sleep πŸ™‚

  • Roy

    I. Hate. Fido.
    They make stupid decisions, but even then when you call and nag to get an answer- they “know exactly what you know”.
    So annoying. Where is the 32gb???

  • frank

    yup at 5:30am

    #7 πŸ˜€ rogers 32gb black

  • Neil

    Does anyone know if fido will have 32gb and 64gb iPhone 5’s on the September 21 launch date in store?

  • Schitzo1978

    How do you know what number you are? I got my preorder in at 5:54 am, got my email conf at 5:57. Don’t see a number anywhere

  • Neil

    it says what position you are in line when you sign in your account with your carrier

  • Schitzo1978

    I guess I’ll see it once the reservation system is back up

  • gweed123

    Just curious, in the number your assigned from Rogers based on a nation-wide queue, or is it store specific?

  • FYI: Ordered Fido iPhone at 6am PST, number 1775?! Now their reservation system is either down, or doesn’t let you review your reserved phone details.

    Can anyone confirm fido’s reserve page is working still?

  • Neil

    That blows I’m number 37.

  • mike

    does anyone know what kind of plan they have for the iphone 5? will they have the $30 for 6gb or 5gb data plan? they did that on the other iphones let me know

  • Ben

    Just received a text message confirming shipment of my reserved Fido iPhone 5 πŸ™‚