Apple Releases iOS 4.3 With Personal Hotspot


Apple originally set iOS 4.3 for release on March 11, 2011 to coincide with the iPad 2 release. iOS 4.3 has now been released a few days earlier and is available for immediate download.

iOS 4.3 brings numerous feature enhancements to iDevices such as AirPlay video compatibility for third-party apps and websites, Safari speed improvements, Home Sharing, and a new option for customizing the iPad’s side switch.

iOS 4.3 also delivers the highly anticipated Personal Hotspot function to the GSM iPhone 4.

The update is available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and users may update their devices by connecting them to iTunes and clicking “Check for Update”.

Jailbreakers/Unlockers should avoid iOS 4.3 until further notice.


  • Justin Case

    Anyone know what build version this is? I wonder if its the same and the GM release 8F190.

  • Fragilityg4

    I’m really disappointed the 3GS doesn’t get personal hotspots … Im not going to pay $20 for MyWi.

  • Subzero

    Is jailbreak in works already?

  • Rob Raymond

    Still no 4.3 release for Apple TV. So I guess we can’t really take advantage of 3rd party Airplay apps just yet.

  • Megavidiot

    Stoked to finally play music from my library through my touch!

  • SF

    yes it is.

  • Adiderek

    It’s already available

  • Anonymous

    Soon when the new iphone comes,you can upgrade then. And the have the best one.

  • Krakus

    Says who? I just connected my iPad to my Bell 3GS phone via Bluetooth and am able to browse just fine with it. Works like a charm on the 3GS.

  • Miss

    Im a fan of apple… Got a macbookpro, iphone, ipad…. But i am VERY insulted that they wont offer to 3gs phone the hotspot option. I have it with mywi, but i was anticipating not having to jailbreak anymore cause it’s pretty much the only reason i jailbreak (this and watching youtube videos on 3gs that i can actually see well). Im not sure ill keep being such a fan if ‘forced’ to upgrade all the time to have the basics. I had the chance to play with a few android phones (nexus is nice…), and is now considering having something else then an iphone.

  • Nick

    I really like MyWi, i think it’s a great program and it’s almost a shame for the developers who worked on it that apple has now integrated it with the OS. Another advantage to MyWi that I haven’t tried out because I don’t have an iPad is they’ve came up with a way of tethering the iPad to the iPhone that allows it to automatically connect/disconnect when it needs internet… Costs a little more though, but worth it in the long run I’d say.

  • Cjlee9

    Type your comment here.2

    True but it is a tethered jailbreak

  • Jfromk

    They *removed* tethering?!?! The Personal Hotspot settings seem to have replaced Tethering… So yesturday I could connect my desktop computer to my iPhone4 and connect via 3G to the internet (for instance, during a broadband outage). Today, I have to go out and buy a WiFi card to connect to my iPhone4 to connect to the internet?! what the hell apple!?

    Or am I mistaken, please someone tell me the tether is still there somewhere….

  • Szarky

    *Requires iPhone 4 with tethering data plan

  • Szarky

    Updating anyway in hopes that a 4.3 jailbreak is made soon. I don’t understand how can you count Personal Hotspot as a new feature if I couldn’t tether before (with Fido) and I probably won’t be able to tether now (without an extra tether add-on cost)?

  • Szarky

    “To enable Personal Hotspot on this account, contact fido”

    Well that was a waste of time.

  • Szarky

    From an earlier article on this site “After the iPad 2 reveal this morning during Apple’s media event, Rogers confirmed that Personal Hotspot in iOS 4.3 will be available to Rogers/Fido customers who have a 1GB or higher data plan for free.

    In other words, Rogers is following their existing tethering policy that requires users to have a 1GB or higher data plan to tether. Anything less than 1GB, and you will be unable to tether or use Personal Hotspot.”

    What a joke, so because I have a 500 MB plan I get screwed over? Can’t wait to jailbreak!


    Is it true that you’ll no longer be able to tether with this update on a 3g? What a terrible update!

  • Sparky

    Yes it’s still there. When you activate Personal Hotspot it may tell you that wifi/Bluetooth are not on and you can either have it turned on or leave it off but USB tethering is still activated when turning Personal Hotspot on.

    As an aside, I wish I could choose which to activate. It activates both wifi and bluetooth so I have to go and turn off whichever I do not wish to use.

  • They changed the label of “tethering” to “personal hotspot”, but the USB and Bluetooth tethering options are still available. It’s basically now one master switch that turns on all the tethering options.

    Try it: turn on personal hotspot while the desktop is connected to the iPhone 4 via USB. Should work same as before.

  • AbdulQM

    You think that’s bad. I bought my iPhone 3G a couple of weeks after it came out….signed on for a 3 year contract (which I’m still on) and I just found out that Apple DROPPED support for the 3G! i.e. im no longer getting firmware updates! Seriously contemplating jumping ship.

  • If wifi or bluetooth are turned off, then when you activate personal hotspot, it will prompt you as to whether or not you want to turn them on or leave them off.

  • Gumper85

    The personal hotspots options does not seem to be working on Rogers wireless networks . It tells you to contact Roger and they do not seem to have any clue why’s going on or what I am talking about .

    Anyone else having the same issues ?

  • Szarky

    do you have 1GB of data or more? If you have less then it makes sense, Rogers/Fido is doing personal hotspot only for people with 1GB of data or more a month.

  • Gumper85

    I have the 30$ a month 6gig data plan and they were all like confused… Does anyone have any suggestions ???

  • glacasse

    Same here! I wish we could at least get the javascript upgrade..

  • JNB105

    I am with Rogers and the 6GB data for $30, personal hotspot works fine for me. Infact I’m browsing this site through personal hotspot.

    Try rebooting the phone by holding down the screen lock and home buttons at the same time until you get the Apple logo and release both buttons.

  • djpech

    works for me.. 6gb plan from rogers.. no issues

  • Anonymous

    1) signing on a 3 year contract only means that you have to stay on that said contract (or any contract) for up to 3 years. you’re eligable for upgrades every 2 years on smartphones.
    2) rogers does early upgrade options for iphone users (or for users wanted to switch to the “latest iphone”) annually. you could have upgraded to a later iphone (i.e. 3gs or iphone 4) for the same price that it would have cost you to sign a new contract for 3 years. you would just be saying that you’re willing to stay on a contact with that company for an additional 3 years.
    3) the reason why you’re not getting firmware updates is because the 3g hardware simply cannot support it anymore. as it is when 4.0 was released the phone became impossibly sluggish. for them to continuously release updated firmwares for those devices would be to completely cripple the device and you would likely be even more unhappy….it’s been almost 3 years since you got your 3G….if you like technology then you simply have to accept the fact that it changes rapidly and therefore there will be added expenses in keeping up to date. its time to switch…..
    4) you talk about jumping ship, but the exact same thing happens in ANY smartphone. users who bought a smartphone with the earilier android os couldnt update to the newer os, and users who have anything prior to the bold 9780 blackberry cannot upgrade to os6 unless they make their own custom version, or install the stripped down beta which is EXTREMELY buggy….fact is the users who got the 9700, within months were completely obsolete when the 9780 came out with various improvements, and compatibility for the new os6… thankful that you got nearly THREE years out of your device (not a few months) and either buy a newer device, or stop complaining lol 😛

  • JG

    I did not know you could do that, is it new with 4.3 or it was always possible?

  • Gumper85

    I tried all given solutions none of which have worked , I guess I’ll have to wait til either Rogers knows of the issue or contact apple .

    All it says when I click the personal hotspots button is contact Rogers to enable this feature ?????

    Thanks for the help anyways guys 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Bluetooth and USB tethering was possible since iOS 3.

    Just that Bluetooth is much slower than USB and wifi hotspot.

  • Ex

    Tried restoring?

  • JG

    I know that Bluetooth tethering was available but I thought the Bluetooth profile of the iPad did not support that kind of pairing (just headphones, keyboard etc …)?

  • JG

    I know that Bluetooth tethering was available but I thought the Bluetooth profile of the iPad did not support that kind of pairing (just headphones, keyboard etc …)?

  • Anonymous

    For Rogers and Fido you need to have a 1gb and higher data plan

    Bell and Telus allow tethering on all plans.

  • Anonymous

    Not true USB and bluetooth is still there

  • Shawn

    I had a similar issue when tethering was first introduced to iOS. I’m on Rogers as well. I tried to turn it on just for the sake of trying, and had the same warning that you are getting – to contact Rogers to enable the feature – and I’m on the 6 GB/month plan as well. Can’t say I did anything to rectify the issue though – I called Rogers a couple weeks later, before I’d actually need it, and the girl I spoke to was confused, and told me that it should work fine. I tried it with her on the line, and lo & behold, it turned on for me.

  • Junior Cortorreal

    Love personal hotspot but hate he fact that wifi and Bluetooth stay on when personal hotspot gets turned off

  • lionheart

    Your first and second points are music to the ears of the big executives who work for the the big cellular carriers. They would like us smartphone users to be perpetually locked into long and lousy contracts.

    Your point about firmware may be true in some instances however I am a little perplexed by my own situation. I own a 3gs and was looking forward to Personal Hotspot Wi-fi feature for the new iOS 4.3. Early beta testers of the iOS 4.3 indicated that this feature was working fine on the 3gs. Strangely the feature was disabled for the 3gs when the new OS was released? The point being that hardware in my iPhone 3gs has no problem supporting the latest firmware (and evidently all the features included in iOS 4.3) but Apple CHOSE to disable the Personal Hotspot Wi-fi feature as a means to bullying me in to purchasing an updated iPhone. I will be jumping ship – Android here I come.

  • mrrat1960

    Well I only have a 500 meg plan with Rogers. Time to phone the retention dept. and get this changed.

  • JG

    I agree with you and I wrote Apple about it, hopefully if enough of us complain it could change (not too hopeful but …).

  • Anonymous

    Does this really work??? I’ve been hoping for tethering of iPad to iPhone (4) via Bluetooth but this is the first I’ve heard of it. No technical reason it couldn’t be done AFAIK, but not a whisper of it happening and I assumed that the now-available Personal Hotspot via Wi-Fi would be the only option.

    I’m thinking that BT tethering will be a lower power draw on the iPhone battery than providing a full Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • Mark

    I have Personal Hotspot working on my 3GS with Fido. Through bluetooth I have my macbook pro & ipad working just fine.

  • how can you still be on a three year contract, you have the option to upgrade like 6 months before the end of your contract. But i agree 3 years is way to long. and by all means jump ship

  • Alex

    Can I use my friends hotspot to FaceTime, or even my own hotspot to FaceTime? If it comes up as a “wifi” it could be assumed iPhones would recognize it as a wifi and allow FaceTime calls to work even though it’s simply a vailed 3G network.

  • Alex


  • Pwobrien

    Hmm buy ringtones?? Was this feature there before 4.3?

  • Pwobrien

    No photo booth for iPhone? Boo

  • dave

    supporting a phone for 3 years is very long time! the issue is not as much apple you really should point finer at our rip off 3 years contract terms that we get from those network monsters that we have, Canada is the only country in the WORLD to force us for a 3 years contract! you could however have sold your iphone after a year and gotten a new one instead of waiting for another 3 years to get a new phone and sign another 3 yeras contract! I i also checked some androids but i find them annoying and laggy! and surely not as smooth as the iphone especially the iphone 4

  • I just confirmed with Rogers that their 3G network is down in Ontario and that is the reason for the Personal Hotspot feature not activating. They are not blocking it or making people call in. Once the network is back online, Personal Hotspot will work if you have a data plan 1 gig or larger. If tethering worked on your plan, the HotSpot feature will as well.

  • John

    dude the company can’t not to update a new phone because of a 3 year old phone! the 3 year old phone simply is too weak spec wise. i personally could never hold on to the same phone for 3 years! 3 years is way too long for technology, maximum I would hold would be maybe 2 years! so far i have had a new one every year! past 5 years

  • Sao Owen5

    Thanks for the info. What part of Ontario are you in? The personal hot spot isn’t even showing up in the settings app, and in the network part it just shows the pin wheel.

  • Anonymous

    regarding my first two points, no one is forcing anyone into signing onto any contract. the fact is you can purchase it outright. if you want the promo pricing then you have to accept the fact that you’ll be locked to that carrier for the next few years. me personally, i have had no issues with rogers, and when i’ve complained about soemthing theyve given me more than ample extras and it was always resolved. regarding the point about the contract being lousy. you’re right. this is canada. show me contracts that arent loust for any carrier (other than those new carriers).we pay a rediculous amount for cell service just liek we pay a rediculous amount for cars (in comparison to the USA).even if you sign onto a lousy contract, you could always switch to a different plan as the time goes by. thats not locked in, whats locked in is the fact that you have to stay with that particular company for the next few years.

    as for your particular situation, i agree, disabling hotspot on the 3gs was a dicky move. no argument there. just be lucky that your 3gs even got ANY sort of 4.3 update…..once you jump ship to android, you wont be as lucky. the older devices couldnt benefit from ANY new features in the new OS (and when i say older devices i mean devices that were only out for about a year). same with blackberry and the example i gave with thebold 9700 and 9780….9700 cant even run os6, and they KNEW OS6 was being released when they released the 9700 within a few months, yet they chose to milk it and offer a few months later the 9780 with double the RAM to force anyone who wants the benefits of OS6 (which is alot) to get another new phone…..from what i could tell apple hasnt done anything remotely close to that 😛 (and dont get me wrong, im not an apple fanboy….my only apple product is the iphone. in the earlier firmwares i was pissed that literally all the new features of upcomming updates were features we all had in the jailbreak community for a year (spotlight, copy/paste, etc) and those features arguably ran better on the jailbroken versions).

    the point of my initial post was that ppl shouldnt be complaining. no one said technology was cheap, and if you want to stay up to date dont complain about spending often because it changes so rapidly….that commenter was talking about getting an new phone after almost 3 years….in my opinion if u want new features its about time 😛

  • Anonymous

    Fucking Apple! phone crashed and had to do restore and voila no greenpoison jb thanks to “early” release of 4.3! Fuck I hate those bastards

  • Anonymous

    UPDATE: I’ve updated my iPad and iPhone 4 to iOS 4.3 and tested. I can confirm that Bluetooth tethering DOES in fact work! Using the app, I saw about 1.5 Mbps up and down tethered over BT.

    But tethering over Wi-Fi is definitely faster. Performance appears to be about the same as when measured from the iPhone itself, e.g., about 5 Mbps down and almost that up (Rogers, North Vancouver).

    One interesting note–if Cellular Data is disabled, the iPad stays linked to the iPhone but the hotspot doesn’t work. In other words you can’t link from the iPad to iPhone with Bluetooth, and get to the Internet via Wi-Fi from the iPhone to your router. I suppose you’d never really need to do this since every iPad has it’s own Wi-Fi, but I thought I’d try it. This also means, I assume, that you can’t re-broadcast a Wi-Fi hotspot. So if you’re in a for-pay hotspot you can’t re-share it freely using your iPhone.

    I guess the only reason you might tether to your iPhone via Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi is for security (since you’re not creating an access point), or if BT tethering uses less power than Wi-Fi. My guess is that it should, but I haven’t measured that.

  • Aganon

    Installed 4.3 on my Iphone 4 and i dont even see the Personal Hotspot option under network, anyone else has the same problem?

  • And if you get the av cables you can play movies form your computer to your tv though your Iphone or ipad, so no need to by apple tv

  • Anonymous

    My Apple TV updated itself yesterday so the new Airplay functionality is now there. Also MLB online though I don’t see using that very much as I’m not a baseball fan. I’d love to see NFL games available (especially if I could get individual games)!

  • Anonymous

    I cannot get the hotspot feature working. After updating iTunes and rebooting my laptop, I finally was able to see the Bob’s iPhone wifi connection but if I choose it and type in the password, it fails to connect every time. After awhile the connection even stopped showing.
    Also, I’m not sure if the AirPlay functionality is all working correctly. I am able to play movies from my camera roll (that’s fantastic) but I can’t get videos to play from Safari which Apple says it should now do. I only get the audio with no video.


    Installed 4.3 update, no problems with personal hotspot so far.

  • Anonymous

    I think you are right about that. I don’t believe you could bluetooth tether to you iPad prior to 4.3.

  • I wouldn’t say that. It would get tiring pretty fast to connect it each time and you can’t use the device during that time . But if that works for you..

  • Anonymous

    yes, you also need to update your iPad to iOS 4.3 – then you can Bluetooth tether it to your iPhone
    (with iOS 3 you could BT tether iPhone to your laptop, but not to iPad)

    I updated my iPhone 3GS to 4.3 and when I turned on Personal Hotspot via Bluetooth, I could not pair my 4.2 iPad to it. But then updating the iPad to 4.3 got it working.

    too bad iPhone 3GS doesn’t support Personal Hotspot over Wi-Fi. there seems no technical reason why.

    but at least I can now connect my iPad to share data over Bluetooth (and avoid Rogers’ greedy $30 data sharing fee)

  • Sparky

    The password is case sensitive. I couldn’t get it working when I tried to connect my TV to my iPhone’s wifi because the TV was always using capital letters. Changed that and it works.
    May work for you.

  • Aganon

    Thanks, are you with Rogers?

  • Aganon

    I dont see the personal hotspot option as well, are you with Rogers? please let me know if you figured out a way to get it to show.

  • Fred34g34

    Yes you can:
    1. I turned on hotspot in my iphone 4
    2. Joined the hotspot with my macbook pro.
    3. Face timed from the macbook pro to a wifi connected ipod touch.

    It works. Definitely not as fluid as wifi but pretty cool anyway.

  • Dj_moss

    I’m in the same boat. I turned on hotspot last night and setup a password. Since then, personal hotspot has vanished, and doesn’t even show up in the settings area anymore. Have tried turning off then on the phone, still nothing.

  • Dj_moss

    I’m in the same boat. I turned on hotspot last night and setup a password. Since then, personal hotspot has vanished, and doesn’t even show up in the settings area anymore. Have tried turning off then on the phone, still nothing.


    Fido… Tried to connect diff. devices (iPad, iPhone4 on my i4 hotspot) and they connect with no problems. so far at least. Good luck.

  • iVictoria

    I can’t get my 3GS hotspot to work with my iPad. I’m with Fido too. I turn on the hotspot on the 3GS and then turn off wifi on the iPad and turn on bluetooth but nothing happens. Can you walk me through the steps that need to be taken. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Got it working. Looks like there is some sort of issue with both the bluetooth on and the wifi on. When I turned the BT off and just turned on wifi and USB, I was able to see the new network on my wife’s iPhone and connect successfully with it. I’ll try the laptop tomorrow.

  • Mark

    If you read my post, I have it working with my 3GS on the Fido network, over bluetooth.

  • Jack_the_Ripper

    Currently posting this over WiFi Personal HotSpot on Rogers, 6GB Data plan. Ontario Canada. Just updated and it works great so far! didn’t have to reboot or anything.

  • Jack_the_Ripper

    Currently posting this over WiFi Personal HotSpot on Rogers, 6GB Data plan. Ontario Canada. Just updated and it works great so far! didn’t have to reboot or anything.

  • Mr-moto

    Windows 7 crashed while iTunes was updating my iPhone. Result: everyting on the phone was lost. Technicians at Apple said they were getting a lot of similar calls. My phone never had anything “illegal” on it.

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